March 6, 2021

Uruguay confirms its first case of COVID-19 in an irregular settlement

Uruguay confirmed this Friday its first positive case of COVID-19 in the irregular El Monarca settlement, located in the northeast area of ​​Montevideo, and raises concerns from the authorities.

This was announced to the press by the Minister of Social Development, Pablo Bartol, who pointed out that they are already working on a containment plan with referents from the neighborhood to avoid a massive contagion.

The situation of the settlements is one of the most worrying to the Uruguayan Government since many families live in these places in poor sanitary and infrastructure conditions because the houses are usually irregular tin, wood or brick ranches.

“The family has been visited, he is a boy who lives with his parents, they are in the house, they have not gone out. He, in turn, took care of another family and the families have also been swabbed, they have taken grocery baskets so for now it is a social accompaniment of containment, of concern for their situation, “explained Bartol.

Also, the minister emphasized that in the next week they will go to the settlement to vaccinate the population against the flu and COVID-19 tests will be carried out on the residents of the place.

This action is also intended to be replicated in other settlements in the country to “discover early” any positive case.

Bartol emphasized that one of the things he is most concerned about is the ability of people living in these places to “maintain isolation” so they are evaluating the possibility of transferring those who test positive to other places where they can be held without infect others.

In the case of the positive of El Monarca, Bartol stressed that he has possibilities to stay at home, so no transfer will be made.

“The different services of the Ministry have work in El Monarca, which is a well-known settlement on Route 8 against the Carrasco stream. There are three settlements that are together,” he said.

Since March 13, when the health emergency was decreed in Uruguay, and until this Tuesday, 563 positive cases and 12 deaths have been registered in the South American country.

In addition to the crew member of Greg Mortimer, who is not reflected in that official statistic, in the first days of the disease in Uruguay an 82-year-old woman died who was infected but whose death, according to the doctors, was due to terminal cancer.


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