Uruguay accesses quarters beating Bolivia

An instant from Bolivia - Uruguay.

An instant from Bolivia - Uruguay.

Uruguay strengthened its qualification to the quarterfinals of the America Cup with a 0-2 win, the first that he gets in group A, and with Bolivia practically eliminated in the absence of a day for the closing of this phase. Uruguay accumulates 4 points in an area dominated by Argentina with 7, while Chile with 5 and Paraguay with 3 will seek to strengthen their position in the table. The goals for the team led by Oscar Washington Tabárez came in the 40th minute, with an own goal by Bolivian goalkeeper Carlos Lampe, and in the 79th by Edinson Cavani.

Uruguay he had more initiative to go to the front in the first half. Despite this, Bolivia had its clearest opportunity in the 11th minute with a shot from Rodrigo Ramallo that almost slipped past Fernando Muslera's post. After that, the Uruguayan dominance was greater and was reinforced thanks to some inaccuracies of Bolivia when trying to go on the attack and mainly look for the game of Juan Carlos 'Conejo' Arce, Ramiro Vaca and a shifting Jeyson Chura.

In the 21st minute, Lampe beat Cavani one-on-one and six later the Bolivian goalkeeper again stopped a header from Manchester United's striker. However, a bad Bolivian start in the 40th minute generated a Uruguayan counterattack and a cross to the Green area followed by a bad clearance by Jairo Quinteros bounced off Lampe and entered his own door.

In the second half, the Bolivian coach, Venezuelan César Farías, proposed a more offensive game with the entry of Henry Vaca, recently recovered from covid-19, and Danny Bejarano. In the 51st minute, Cavani wasted an opportunity that was stopped by 'el Gigante' Lampe and a few seconds later Muslera stopped a shot on goal by Ramiro Vaca. La Celeste took advantage of the fact that Bolivia advanced their lines to generate a couple of situations through Luis Suárez, but an inspired Lampe prevented the forward of the Atlético de Madrid the bill will increase.

However, the resistance of the Bolivian game fell in the 79th minute after a swift counterattack and the thrust he delivered Cavani to score Uruguay's second goal.


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