Fri. Feb 28th, 2020

Urkullu visits Zaldibar and meets with relatives of buried operators

The lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, has visited this midday, six days after its collapse, the private landfill of Zaldibar (Bizkaia) where last Thursday there was a detachment that buried two workers and met with the relatives of both operators , which have not yet been located.

The work of locating employees remains suspended because the danger to rescue and emergency personnel is maintained due to the instability of the land where the dump sits, consisting of thousands of tons of industrial waste, including asbestos, and continuing the fire generated by Emanation of methane gas.

The owner company, Verter Recycling 2002 SL, has declared its willingness to collaborate with the authorities investigating the event and “provide all the information” requested, and has ensured that its main priority is “to find the two missing workers and to be able to give their bodies to family members and take care of their families. “

Representatives of the Basque Government will meet this afternoon in Vitoria with officials of the company Verter Recycling 2002 SL, after having affirmed on Wednesday the spokesman of the Basque Government, Josu Erkoreka, that the collaboration of the company with both labor inspectors and technicians of Environment “has been almost non-existent; it is missing.”

The Deputy Ministry of Environment of the Basque Government has hired the services of the Dutch company Afvalzorg, specialized in industrial waste management and landfills, to advise them when it comes to emptying and treating the waste that has spread.

The vice-council has asked the owners of authorized landfills in Euskadi to work together to meet the “urgent management needs” arising from the collapse.

Specifically, it asks for collaboration for the reception of “non-hazardous waste that the collapsed landfill was hosting” in order that “the accumulation of these materials affects as little as possible the ordinary operation of these companies and the environment.” The mayor of Zalla, where there is a landfill, said yesterday that he did not want to receive waste from Zaldibar.

In response to this appeal, the Vitoria City Council has offered the Gardelegi municipal landfill to receive non-hazardous waste from the private dump of Zaldibar.

The nationalist unions have held both the Basque Government and the Verter Recycling company responsible for this event and have ensured that “they play with the lives of the workers and nobody pays for it.”

The opposition parties, EH Bildu, PP and Elkarrekin Podemos, have criticized the visit of the lehendakari, without having previously communicated it, in the interim between their visit to two Biscayan companies, and have requested their appearance in the Permanent Delegation of the Basque Parliament for to explain the actions carried out by his Government in this case.

The Bureau of the Basque Parliament will meet tomorrow to decide whether or not to convene the lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, to report on this matter.

The PNV has denounced that ten “batzokis” of Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa have appeared this morning with “garbage bags and excrement” and “insulting and threatening” signs about the “tragic” detachment of the Zaldibar landfill last Thursday, and attributed to the former head of the political apparatus of ETA Aitor Elizaran a campaign on social networks urging to participate in this initiative against the headquarters of the party.


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