Urkullu says that "we are in time to improve" the teaching unit on ETA

Urkullu says that "we are in time to improve" the teaching unit on ETA

Lehendakari Iñigo Urkullu, today called for "consideration" both for the people who have developed the educational unit on the history of ETA, and for those who contribute their testimonies, and pointed out that "we have time to improve it".

This program, baptized "Herenegun" (Before yesterday) and which will be launched as a pilot experience in eight Basque educational centers during the third quarter of this course, consists of five texts, adapted to the age of the students. They collect testimonies from victims of ETA, former members of the terrorist organization and political and institutional representatives.

Urkullu has made these considerations in an article published today in their social networks in which tertium in the controversy generated this week by the content of these educational materials on the recent history of Euskadi and with which there have been disagreement 19 associations of victims, as well as the PP and the PSE, for the treatment given to the action of ETA in the period between 1960 and 2018.

The lehendakari emphasizes in his writing that the aforementioned educational program, aimed at Basque students in the fourth year of ESO and second in Bachiller, "is in the open phase of contributions."

The Lehendakari is "aware" that the feelings of the victims of ETA "may be affected by even better intentioned initiatives", but remember that ETA terrorism and violence ended. "We are on the road to building coexistence based on respect for victims and memory."

Urkullu also considers that the people involved in the preparation of said Didactic Unit "deserve all consideration, and so I show, for their willingness to explain their work before the corresponding parliamentary Committee."

"In the same way, (they deserve consideration) each and every one of the people involved in the documentaries hitherto proposed," he adds.

"We have time to improve it, as hopefully I conclude the provision shown at the meeting of the Basque Council for the Participation of Victims", says the Lehendakari who wonders if "can request that contributions and considerations are made from an attitude constructive and positive, to leave behind the negative times that led us to tension and rifi-rafe? "-

Urkllu remarks finally that "all contributions are welcome to weave a new future of coexistence."

Different associations of victims of terrorism have opined that this educational unit "manipulates" the story of violence in the Basque Country, by "seeking the justification of ETA and the whitening of its terrorist activity."

They also understand that "the story is told in such a way that it is implicitly easy to extract that there were two sides and victims on both sides," and regrets that the State Security Forces do not go "well off" because they are spoken of in the context of "police repression".


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