March 3, 2021

Urkullu demands “certainty” from Sánchez and affirms that his method “is not admissible”

The Lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, has demanded from the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, the need to “share and manage the crisis” from the “certainties” and has considered that “the disorientation” caused by the “method” is “not admissible” of “not sharing decisions”.

Urkullu has participated, through videoconference, in the meeting of regional leaders called by the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, the fifth consecutive one since the coronavirus health crisis began, to address the situation caused by the pandemic that has cost in the Basque Country .

Urkullu has requested “urgent consideration” on the format and working method of these meetings “because the disorientation it causes is not admissible.”

It has emphasized the need to “offer certainties to society as a whole”, which implies “sharing a more horizontal and cooperative working method based on fluid communication and anticipating any communication strategy”.

The Basque leader began his intervention with an “x-ray” of the health situation in the Basque Country in which he stressed that the data on infection, hospitalization and occupation of ucis “continues to evolve favorably”, 21.3% of health workers Infected have tested negative for PCR and are fully recovered.

He has acknowledged that this community has gone through “lack of supplies” that it has tried to “solve day by day” and has indicated that the deaths, which amount today to a total of 804, constitute “a daily blow, especially in the residences older. “

During his speech, he insisted that in order to achieve “effective and effective” collaboration, emphasis must be placed on “certainty” because every time it is communicated “on the basis of uncertain or uncontested conjectures, the problems are aggravated, cooperation it resents and confuses society. “

“First coordination and then communication, not the other way around,” summarized Urkullu, who has demanded certainty about the needs of the new infrastructure, about the masks, the tests, the arrival of distribution of supplies.

Urkullu has indicated that “it is important to confirm” the scenario until April 26 and the conditions until May 10, “the new deadline that seems to have been established.”

He has criticized the lack of response on active employment policies and on new proposals for minimum vital income.

“We cannot be at the expense of the ministerial order that we know from the media every week without knowing if the field of competence is respected,” he reproached.


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