July 29, 2021

Urkullu condemns attacks on Vox and harassment of parties

The Lehendakari and candidate for reelection by the PNV, Iñigo Urkullu, has condemned the attack on Vox deputy Rodio de Meer during a party rally in Sestao (Bizkaia) and has denounced “this suspicious feedback dynamic”.

“Those who today have attacked the Vox deputy in the act of Sestao and those who interfere with the acts of any political formation and / or harass people and parties that represent different options,” Urkullu said on social networks, “are not legitimized. to demand or claim anything. “

Those who act in this way, he added, “attempt against plurality and tolerance, which are identifying elements of a democracy, a system based on game rules that must affect everyone in the same way.”

He has also expressed on social networks his “strongest condemnation” of the attack and injuries received by Rocío de Meer the PP + Cs candidate for Lehendakari, Carlos Iturgaiz, who has shown his support and personal solidarity with the Vox parliamentarian.

“Unfortunately, freedom of expression is still threatened in the Basque Country by radical pro-Eritres,” Iturgaiz concluded.

The president of VOX, Santiago Abascal, intervened this afternoon in an electoral rally in Sestao that took place between charges of Ertzaintza riot police in response to the launching of different objects by groups of radicals, one of which has caused a gap in the head to the deputy of this party Rocío de Meer.


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