Urkullu asks to "republican" the Crown and that the Head of State have "social legitimacy" through a citizen consultation

The Lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, has proposed in the Basque Parliament “republican the Spanish monarchy” “in favor of greater transparency, modernization and social legitimation”. Although he has not given more details due to lack of time in his intervention during the control session of the Government in the Basque Chamber, the first of his third term, Urkullu's proposal has an important depth. According to sources from the Basque Presidency, it is based on two pillars, that the figure of the Head of State is specifically endorsed by the citizens and that "no one is above the law", not even the king or his predecessor, now persecuted for suspicions corruption but shielded by criminal inviolability.

The PNV and PSE-EE Government alleges that the priority is to search for the second missing worker in Zaldibar to reject opposition initiatives

The PNV and PSE-EE Government allege that the priority is to search for the second missing worker in Zaldibar to reject opposition initiatives

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Urkullu has made these considerations in response to Vox's first question in its premiere in a plenary session of the Basque Parliament. The only representative of the extreme right, Amaia Martínez Grisaleña, has criticized that the Basque Executive of PNV and PSE-EE question the "highest institutions of the State" and do not protect the Crown. Vox maintains that Urkullu collaborates with Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias to “destroy” the Spanish nation and its main pillar, which is apparently the Crown.

The Lehendakari recalled that in his recent oath, which took place at the beginning of September under the Gernika tree, promised "loyalty to the Crown" among other formalities. But it is not the first time that she is critical of the monarchy. On the doorstep of the replacement from Juan Carlos I to Felipe VI, in 2014, he already made it clear that "there are other models in today's world that more faithfully obey the will of the citizens." "I do not believe that the monarchy is in democracy in Western Europe the most representative institutional model," he said. And in 2017, when Urkullu mediated in Catalonia to avoid unilateral independence and the 155, came to speak with La Zarzuela to question the message that Felipe VI sent after the October 1 referendum.

However, in recent months Urkullu has maintained a cordial relationship with the Head of State. After the investiture, Felipe VI received the Lehendakari in the palace of La Zarzuela in an atmosphere of "courtesy", according to the Basque Government itself. Earlier, in July, in the framework of visits by the Head of State to all territories PNV officials welcomed the king in Bilbao and Vitoria.


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