Urine problems in men can cause infections and calculations – La Provincia

Urine problems in men can cause infections and calculations - La Provincia

Urine problems in men older than 45 years usually have their origin in a bladder obstruction of urine because of an enlargement of the prostate. The early detection It is vital to prevent complications ranging from urinary infections and bladder stones, to kidney failure, especially in hypertensive patients or with diabetes. This was stated yesterday by the urologist Francisco Ramírez, director of the Venegas Health clinic in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, during the presentation of the prevention campaign that they develop for free from yesterday and until December 11.

"This initiative arises from our concern with patients who have problems when urinating, because of the prostate, there are many who do not have a very striking symptomatology, and do not go to the doctor or the urologist, and over the years complications secondary to that obstruction that produces the prostate can appear, such as urinary infections or stones inside the bladder, "said Ramírez, and alerted patients with diabetes or hypertensive risk of kidney failure.

The specialist insisted on the benefits of early detection and that the male population undergoes a review after 45 years. "As of that age, prostate growth begins to grow and that is what is generating the obstruction, there are patients in whom the symptomatology manifests much faster, usually there are genetic factors, feeding, or if they have had previously an inflammatory process that produces a decompensation ahead of time ".

Ramírez explained that the growth of the prostate is a natural process, which begins in the area surrounding the urethra, and is called benign prostatic hyperplasia. "This growth varies from one man to another but in some cases it can compress the urethra and be responsible for the appearance of some urinary symptoms such as urination problems." The severity of the symptoms can vary from one man to another and often worsens. over time".

He also reported that 30% of men with problems urinating because of the prostate ends up needing surgery by not responding to medical treatment, and the rest improves with medication. "Hence the importance of revisions to prevent possible complications, many say they are things of age and do not give importance, but behind there may be a problem that, if diagnosed in time, has an easy solution."

For this reason from yesterday and until the 11th will carry out a campaign of free reviews. Interested parties can request an appointment by calling 928 581 282 or by whatsapp at 637 727 342, to perform a flowmetry, a test that measures urination, to see if it is correct or there may be signs of a major urological problem.

One of the first to undergo this free review has been Daniel Martin, 49, who noted that in recent years has been experiencing a series of symptoms such as delay at the time of starting urination, interruptions, repeated wins to urinate by the night … "I was worried about the subject and after knowing the campaign I took the opportunity to get tested and now I am waiting for the result".

A decision that advises from the 45 years, although he recognizes that he went to the appointment "a little pushed" by his wife. "Men are a bit afraid of the urologist's concept, we do not mind going to another specialist, but the urologist gives us some fear, but we are not faced with an annoying test, and it is certainly necessary. of early diagnosis in ordinary reviews, I recommend it to all men, "he concluded.


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