August 4, 2020

Uribista threats to a Colombian journalist generate guild repudiation

The multiple threats of supporters of former Colombian president Álvaro Uribe against journalist Luz Helena Fonseca woke up on Wednesday the repudiation of the guild, which became a frequent object of intimidation in the country.

The threats against the journalist of the radio station W Radio, frequent object of criticism on the part of the uribismo, were unleashed by a photo taken while covering this Tuesday in the Supreme Court of Justice the investigation to which Uribe was called by an alleged case of fraud procedural and manipulation of witnesses.

In it, Fonseca carries a sign that the detractors of Uribe used on Tuesday's demonstrations and in which the face of the former president can be seen with the word "genocidal".

The journalist also has in her hands the microphone of her radio station and a mobile phone for her professional work.

As a result of the photo, which the Uribistas took as a demonstration against the former president, insults and death threats were unleashed.

"I was simply holding a document that gave me a source of work that I did as a journalist at the Supreme Court of Justice," Fonseca said in a video he posted on his Twitter account after the proliferation of insults and threats.

Fonseca said that she only speaks "in defense of the work of the journalist" for which she considers she should "consult the two sources", something she will continue to do.

Several private messages sent to Fonseca on Twitter and which Efe could consult are full of insults of all kinds, accuse her of slandering or simply repeat the word "dead."

Given this situation, the Foundation for Press Freedom (FLIP) rejected the harassment of which Fonseca has been a victim and criticized that congressmen from the Democratic Center, including Uribe, "disqualify the journalist."

The FLIP specifically denounced a statement from the Democratic Center, founded by Uribe, in which they accuse Fonseca of "taking sides in the situation of the country, leaving aside its true task of informing."

"As soon as these publications were made, the journalist began to receive several intimidations and threats through her social media and email accounts," they explained.

Uribe himself, in an extensive statement after attending the court, criticized Fonseca without mentioning it directly as well as three other journalists.

After the threats, numerous prestigious journalists in Colombia showed their solidarity with Fonseca as the director of the W Radio, Julio Sánchez Cristo; the journalist of Caracol Televisión and Blu Radio Camila Zuluaga; and the director of "6 AM Hoy por Hoy" by Caracol Radio, Gustavo Gómez Córdoba.

Given the situation, FLIP called on the National Protection Unit (UNP) "to promptly assess the security situation of the journalist and implement the necessary measures to safeguard her life and integrity."

The foundation also asked the Attorney General's Office to investigate the threats Fonseca was a victim of and punish those responsible.

Hostility towards the press in the demonstrations of Uribistas is frequent and last Sunday in a concentration in Medellín prior to the investigation of Uribe in the Supreme Court of Justice several journalists were insulted and threw water at them.

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