Sun. Mar 24th, 2019

Upset in the PP for the tune of Married with Vox

Malestar en el PP por la sintonía de Casado con Vox

Pablo Casado he managed to stop the internal rebellion at PP of those who were not willing to accept the demands of Vox, especially in terms of gender violence, to support Juan Manuel Moreno in the presidency of the Junta de Andalucía. He did it with an agreement on which the popular leaders, from Galician Alberto Núñez Feijóo even the madrileño Ángel Garrido, going by Ana Pastor or Isabel Bonig, they have nothing to object. But what the popular leader has not achieved is to silence the discomfort that is lived within the PP, mainly among the regional leaders, by the party's approach to Vox and the management that has been done.

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It is not about what the agreement has finally agreed PP in Andalusia, but that the week before the agreement, Casado himself took on many of the theses of the ultra formation, and in the public acts in which he intervened he assumed his language and his thesis. He spoke of intrafamily violence, without defending the concept of gender violence, which is what the PP had up to that moment. He made his statements for the false allegations, and did not defend the position of the PP, but simply added to the thesis of Vox on the gender violence.

Criticism of the way in which the leader has appointed the candidates grows

That malaise was not ended with the signing of the agreement, because it goes beyond its content and is prior to Vox becoming essential for the PP to govern. The existing uneasiness has more to do with the importance given Casado from the beginning to the party of Santiago Abascal. In the opinion of the popular leaders consulted, Casado has not only sent the message that he shares the principles and values ​​of Vox, which from the first moment was criticized within the party, but with his speech, they say, "has given nature letter "to the formation of ultra.

For this sector of the PP, which is large but not organized and will not stand up, at least for now, Casado, with his speech that the Andalusian formula is extrapolated to the rest of Spain is saying that it does not matter to vote for the PP, which Cs that to Vox, because in the end the vote will be united to govern, when, in the opinion of these leaders, they believe that what the popular president should do is to say the opposite, that the useful vote is the PP. What they criticize is that the message is that Vox says the same as the Popular Party, and thus, they stress, voters who have left for Vox or Cs will not return.

Territorial leaders complain that they have no role in the ideological convention

Just yesterday, during the presentation of the candidates from Madrid, Casado again defended the agreement reached in Andalusia, to vindicate, justify and defend it. The PP, he said, has not had to give up anything and 80% of the measures agreed or already applied by the PP in other communities or was already in its electoral program. That is why he had no problem repeating again that the formula that has been used in Andalusia is exportable to many other places, and the PP will lead the negotiations. Yes, he added that we must vote for the PP, because you never know if others are willing to negotiate.

But the internal malaise that lives the PP does not refer only to the attitude toward Vox. There are more and more criticisms of Casado for the presidential role he has assumed, which makes the party count less and less. They emphasize, the consulted sources, the form in which it has chosen the candidates to the autonomic and municipal elections of May, without taking into account the opinion of the territorial organizations, as it happened in Cantabria with Ruth Beitia, or in Asturias with Teresa Mallada , leaving aside the president of the Asturian PP, Mercedes Fernández. To this it is added that many of the separated people had not supported Casado in the primaries, in what some see a true purge, while, as has happened in the PP of Madrid, the friends of the popular leader are favored, as they are the mayoral candidate, José Luis Martínez Almeida, and the Community, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, whom Casado himself defined as two "black paw".

To that is added that the territorial organizations have not played any role in the convention that the PP will hold next weekend, which has been presented as the moment in which the party will make an "ideological rearmament." Despite this purpose, they do not know what is going to be discussed, and what is worse, how they can show their contributions. They hope that in that convention they will have an opportunity to speak and, if they do not, they will raise their voices, they warn.

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