March 4, 2021

UPL announces a governability agreement with the PSOE for the Provincial Council of León

According to sources of the Leon formation to Europa Press have indicated this Friday a press conference will be held in which the agreement will be signed and an explanation of all the points of the same.

Virtually unanimous in the UPL that has reaffirmed its decision with a single abstention after the meeting that has developed the General Council of the party with the aim of determining its position.

Thus, they have put on the table "the greatest facility" to reach an agreement with one of the parties and have recognized the difficulty of doing so "in an agreement with two" with Ciudadanos and the PP in a joint bloc.

In this sense, the Lions have recognized "the facility" to specify the negotiation and facilitate "alternation and change" in an administration that has governed the PP for the past 24 years.

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