Update by rectification

Under article 3 Organic Law 2/1984, of March 26, regulating the right of rectification, we publish this rectification of Mr. Luis Enrique López-Pozas y Lanuza to the information entitled "Nobility in doubt."

First. It is not true that this applicant has entered the Royal Association of Hidalgos of Spain without complying with the entry requirements; rather, each and every one of them has fulfilled them.

Second. The proofs of the nobility and nobility of this applicant and his family, which I put at the disposal of this medium, date back to the 16th century and are accredited by several firm judicial decisions that declare it. Another thing is that, to simplify the file, only the last three credited positive acts have been published: the relevance to the Royal and Military Order of San Fernando, as a knight laureate, of his great-grandfather, and belonging to the Royal and Military Order of San Hermenegildo, of his same great-grandfather, of his paternal grandfather and of his father. Three positive acts of nobility legally recognized by current legal provisions.


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