"Up to the Brexit eggs": the poster of a millionaire businessman who irritates Eurosceptics in the United Kingdom | Economy

"Up to the Brexit eggs": the poster of a millionaire businessman who irritates Eurosceptics in the United Kingdom | Economy

There are people with the ability to defend with boldness a noble cause and at the same time take advantage of their courage. The poster that the entrepreneur Charlie Mullins placed on top of the headquarters of his company, "Bollocks to Brexit" (something like even the eggs of the Brexit or that they give to the Brexit) has irritated the euroskeptic voters who pass before him every morning, alerted the London municipal district of Lambeth and delighted the supporters of staying in the EU, who cheer Mullins to stay firm .

Former donor of funds of the Conservative Party, the founder of the most prosperous plumbing business in London, with 440 employees, has opposed Brexit from the beginning. All his contributions are now earmarked for the campaigns launched to demand a second referendum from the Government. The order of the local authorities to withdraw the advertising, which has extended beyond the headquarters of your business, does not care. They have warned him that this is an inappropriate language, and that he needs express administrative consent to show such explicit publicity.

Mullins believes that it is a question of freedom of expression. And it does not lack precedents. So British and assumed in the recent history of the country that they arouse sympathy among many middle-aged citizens. In 1977, the punk band Sex Pistols he called his only album recorded in the studio Never Mind the Bollocks. There is always a naive useful in these stories. In this case it was a policeman who withdrew the discs from stores with the argument that they violated the Indecent Advertising Act of 1899. The courts, which thanks to a fantastic defense lawyer knew, like the rest of the public, that the expression "bollocks "It was already used in British medieval texts as a sign of contempt, lifted the ban. Sales soared Today is a classic of British culture.

Mullins does not aspire to much, but is delighted with the noise caused by his announcement. "We continue to say that we care about an egg Brexit and the best way to get the message loud and clear is to go to the march for the future of next Saturday in London, probably the most important thing we will do this year", has hung on his account of the social network Twitter, where it has 20 million followers. The founders of People's Vote, the organization that demands a new consultation about the departure of the United Kingdom from the EU, have called for this weekend a large demonstration attended by prominent public figures. Among others, the Labor mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.

Another one of the Pimlico posters in London
Another one of the Pimlico posters in London AFP

Mullins, who looks like a clone of the singer Rod Stewart, knows how to combine recklessness with prudence in any case. This Wednesday, he changed the design of his poster. It goes on saying "Even the eggs of Brexit", but in somewhat smaller typeface. The rest of the space is devoted to promoting, in large letters, the march for the future of Saturday. He announced himself on his blog, and said goodbye with a "Say you're up to the Brexit eggs marching with us for the future."


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