Fri. Oct 18th, 2019

university students believe that more scholarships should be added to the credit bonus

Andalusia, Aragon and Extremadura are the only communities that subsidize the university credits approved in the first enrollment by others in the following year, a measure well received among the students although they see it as insufficient and claim more scholarships to be able to face other types of expenses.

This has been pointed out to Efe representatives of the main student associations, who have asked for more help when they remember that studying at a university also involves material expenses, transportation and even housing rental.

The president of the Coordination of Representatives of Students of Public Universities (Creup), Pablo Alcaraz, has affirmed that "the measures for scholarships and fees must be very united" because you can not do politics on one without the other.

It should be sought that "the economic part is not the barrier" for a student does not access to higher education, Alcaraz has asserted, for whom the measure of rewarding the first enrollment credits is "very good" if "there were also enough scholarships to cover the other expenses. "

"The communities must see the public spending they can take and draw a balance between scholarships and fees to allow no one to be left out for economic reasons," he added.

For the president of the Federation of Associations of Progressive Students (Faest), Alejandro Delgado, the measures of the three communities "should be generalized" because education is "a basic service and a resource for the whole society."

Anyone should be able to go to the University to "improve their standard of living regardless of their resources" and also study what you want "without the family directing you to a certain career because it is who pays for you", he highlighted.

The president of the State Confederation of Student Associations (Canae), Carles López, has acknowledged that they are "debating internally" the credit bonus and do not have a "closed" position.

However, he has opted for a "strong" scholarship system that compensates for "the opportunity cost of studying," which is high for many families.

He has also argued that we must not forget the necessary investment in Secondary and post-compulsory education due to the "so big" school dropout that exists.

For its part, the general secretary of the Student Union, Coral Latorre, stressed that any positive measure for young people have more opportunity to access the University is "good."

But he has opined that these measures are "crumbs" that give the student "since" the main claim "is that" the University is absolutely free "and stop paying" stratospheric rates "to access higher education.

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