United We Can want to include aid for public transport and a tax on electricity companies in the anti-crisis decree

The Second Vice President and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, stated this Monday that United We Can negotiate with the PSOE two measures for the next anti-crisis decree due to the war in Ukraine. These are: “bonuses for collective public transport” and “an extraordinary tax on electricity companies”.

"We are negotiating with the Socialist Party two measures that we believe can be very positive at this time," Yolanda Díaz has maintained. "The first is that we believe that the time has come for us to subsidize public and collective transport."

The second vice president has insisted, how did you do last week, in that "it makes no sense" that public transport is not being subsidized in regions such as Madrid while "gasoline and diesel" are being paid for with public funds to all citizens thanks to the first anti-crisis decree of the central government. "It's incomprehensible," he reiterated.

For this reason, he has indicated that United We Can try to include "bonuses for collective public transport" in the next anti-crisis decree. “We do think that we have to discriminate” in the next aid package due to the inflationary crisis, explained the second vice president. "And, above all, do not encourage the use of hydrocarbons."

“Extraordinary tax on electricity companies”

The second measure aims to collect extraordinary funds from electricity companies through taxation. "In view of the inflationary situation, we reiterate: we believe that the time has come to incorporate an extraordinary tax on electricity companies."

The second vice president has insisted that "the enormous transfer of income from citizens to electricity companies due to energy prices" had "never happened in a democracy".

"Therefore, we are clear and we say that yes, the electric companies have to commit to our country," said Yolanda Díaz. “To compensate, those who have the most must contribute”, has maintained the head of United We Can in the Executive in a key week for national politics, on the occasion of the regional elections in Andalusia.

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