January 25, 2021

United We Can take measures to Congress to facilitate the mobility of officials and avoid “à la carte contests”

Unidas Podemos has registered its recipes in Congress to facilitate the mobility of civil servants between the different administrations, reduce the positions filled in service commission and avoid the convening of “à la carte contests” which, according to the complaint, favor “arbitrarily. and unequal “promotion within the Public Administration.

This is reflected in the training that the Government shares with the PSOE in a non-law proposal that it has presented for debate in the Commission on Territorial Policy and Public Function and to which Europa Press has had access.

United We can remember that in 2010, within the austerity measures approved by the Government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, “cuts” were also imposed on the mobility of public employees, which was “blocked, hindered or excessively dilated”.

“With a decrease in the number of civil servants due to the drastic reduction in the replacement rate, the number of merit contests, based on the principles of equality, merit and capacity, has also been drastically reduced, thus reducing margins of mobility “, they explain in the initiative.

At the same time, as they detail, the lack of personnel causes that the mandatory reports prior to the authorization of mobility transfers are almost always negative due to the fear of the hierarchical superiors of being permanently without personnel to provide the service.


In addition, they point out that “the generalization of appointments in service commission, supposes an absence of procedures with guarantees, without competition of merit and capacity, without publicity, arbitrarily and unequally favoring promotion within the Public Administration”.

For all these reasons, Unidas Podemos urges the Government to call at least two annual contests in all the Departments, Bodies and Agencies of the General State Administration where all the jobs that have not been filled through a provision procedure are offered. definitive.

In other words, these contests must offer all places, both vacancies and those covered by the service commission system or provisional assignment. The objective, they argue, is that the service commission be used in “cases of urgent and urgent need” as established by law. , in accordance with the provisions of RD 364/1995.


In parallel, they demand to homogenize the scales for the punctuation of the specific merits in order to avoid the contests “à la carte”, and that they be known through their publication in the Official State Gazette.

Likewise, Unidas Podemos urges the Executive to promote mobility between the General State Administration, the autonomous communities and local entities through transfer contests, modifying, where appropriate, the Job Relationships (RPT) to accommodate other Administrations.

They also propose that voluntary mobility be facilitated between the different Departments, Organizations and Agencies and that the training offer of public employees be increased through the National Institute of Public Administration (INAP) or with departmental training plans, to favor the staff mobility through relocation contests.


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