United We Can rejects the military pact with Biden and does not guarantee its support for the increase in Rota's destroyers

The agreement reached this Tuesday in Madrid between the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and the US President, Joe Biden, contemplates, among other measures, an increase in the number of US destroyers at the Rota base (Cádiz), going from the current four to six. This increase in the US military presence in Spain must be approved by the Council of Ministers and, later, it must be endorsed by a majority of the Congress of Deputies.

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But the minority partner of the coalition government, United We Can, has avoided this Wednesday guaranteeing its support for the measure agreed by the head of the Executive. “We do not like that pact, it means more soldiers, more American destroyers and a greater dependence or submission of Spain to the US when sometimes the interests are not the same”, the president of United We Can assured in the corridor of Congress in the Congress, Jaume Asens.

“We defend European autonomy in security matters and that goes in the opposite direction”, he added, recalling that his group has repeatedly rejected the increase in defense spending to which Pedro Sánchez has committed, in the line required by NATO, which this Wednesday has inaugurated its summit in Madrid.

Expressly asked if United We Can vote in favor of the increase in destroyers in Rota when the initiative reaches Congress, Asens has responded as follows: “We still have to decide on the vote but it is evident that our position is different. We have always defended that the solution is not greater military investment”. The leader of the confederal group has made these statements just a few hours after Sánchez himself, in an interview in the Being ChainI asked its government partners a "reflection" about the measure, informs Irene Castro.

More Country demands explanations from the Executive

“We are not in favor but you will have to explain it to us. I am convinced that if he wants to carry it forward, he will surely find the approval of the PP. We already know where that path leads, governing with the ideas of the PP leads to the PP ending up governing ”, warned, for his part, the leader of More CountryÍñigo Errejón, also in statements in the corridor of Congress.

Precisely minutes before the PP announced that yes, it will support the agreement in the Lower House to expand the US military presence in Spain. “It would be to support a part of the Government”, said the general secretary of the PP in an interview on the chain COPE in which he stressed that it is "serious" that there is part of the Executive against.

Gamarra has defended that "the PP will not fail the Spaniards" and that, therefore, in matters relating to "defense and security we will rise to the occasion". The general secretary of the popular party has stressed that her formation "has always been demonstrating" and also the new leader in the months he has been in office that "above the party is the country": "We are a party with a vocation for government and we support what Spain deserves to support”, he settled.

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