Mon. Apr 22nd, 2019

United We can raises a new increase in the minimum wage to 1,300 euros

Unidas Podemos plantea un nuevo aumento del salario mínimo a 1.300 euros

The federal coordinator of the United Left and head of the list of United We can to the general elections in Malaga, Alberto Garzón, has advanced this Tuesday that the proposal of the confluence of Podemos and IU, if it governs after the general elections of April 28, will raise up to 1,300 euros the Minimum Interprofessional Salary (SMI).

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This is what Garzon has said in statements to journalists in Seville, where he explained that, although with nuances, the data of registered unemployment and the affiliation to the Social Security of the month of March "They are positive" and "they emphasize that the doomsayers who said that raising the SMI was going to destroy the economy, they were wrong".

Our proposal to raise the SMI was good news, we implemented it thanks to the pressure we made and it improves the living standards of working families "

In his opinion, those who opposed the increase to 900 euros "showed an ideology designed not to want to raise wages to workers and the simplest people." "Our proposal to raise the SMI was good news, we implemented it thanks to the pressure that we put in place and it improves the standard of living of working families", he added.

Thus, he announced that the proposal of United We can face the 28-A is raise this salary to 1,300 euros, an amount they see adequate compared to the surrounding countries and aimed at "improving the living conditions of working families and equality in our economy. "

Uploading the SMI works and it's good "

"We have to be able to make a process of public investment to diversify the productive model and improve wages," added Garzón, who has stressed that "in this country wages have to rise" because today "they are being insufficient to have a decent standard of living. "

For everything, the leader of IU has greeted that it has been demonstrated that "to raise the SMI works and it is good", for that reason it pleases to continue in that line, "and to do it it is only in United conditions We can".

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