United We can propose to bring forward the cheapest section of the new electricity rate to 10 pm

The Minister of Social Rights, Ione Belarra, is committed to advancing the off-peak hour (the cheapest section) of the new electricity rate for hourly sections at 10 p.m. from Monday to Friday, instead of starting at midnight like now.

The Government asks Competition to analyze "any possible irregular behavior" of the electrics

The Government asks Competition to analyze "any possible irregular behavior" of the electricity companies

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Belarra has pointed out that United Podemos will request this change, proposed by the consumer association Facua, to the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC) to evaluate its viability.

"We think it would be a good idea to advance the off-peak time to 10 pm from Monday to Friday as proposed by Facua and we will request it from the CNMC," the minister has advanced on her Twitter account.

The one who is also aspiring to lead Podemos has reiterated that "this government has to be in a permanent state of listening to citizens and be empathetic with families who find it difficult to pay for electricity."

Then, the Minister of Consumption and leader of IU, Alberto Garzón, has transferred on social networks that from United We Can are "concerned about the prices of basic supplies for working families."

Therefore, he stressed that they continue to "push for all measures that lower the electricity bill" and in this line he has asserted that it is "necessary to advance the off-peak time" in the new rate structure, "as the unions and others have requested. actors".

Previously, the spokesperson for United We Can in Congress, Pablo Echenique, has admitted that the new structure of the electricity rate, based on time slots, is a measure whose implementation has been "highly contested" and that the Executive must listen to citizens and consumers to determine if it is necessary to rectify.

"After listening to the people if something has been done wrong, a progressive government must rectify," he pointed out in statements to Cuatro, collected by Europa Press. During this week, various officials of the confederal space have stressed the need to carry out this consultation work in order to modify aspects of the new rate.

On Tuesday, United We can once again put on the table its proposal to promote a public energy company that competes with the "electricity oligopoly", and that from it the hydroelectric facilities whose concessions are expiring are absorbed and the extension of the photovoltaic energy solar panels.

From the formation of the coalition government, they consider that "the main cause" of the rise in electricity prices is the existence of an oligopoly, where three companies control 80% of the market, and that they have also been sanctioned by the CNMC "for price manipulation".


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