August 2, 2021

United We can present with ERC and Bildu an amendment to the Government Budgets to paralyze evictions

The parliamentary groups of Unidos Podemos, ERC and EH Bildu have announced this Tuesday an amendment to the Budget project that is being processed in Congress to extend the moratorium against evictions without a housing alternative and the prohibition of cutting off basic supplies in homes at least for the duration of the state of alarm, as announced in a round by representatives of each party.

Housing collectives demand from the Government a decree to cut the “pandemic” of evictions

Housing collectives demand from the Government a decree to cut the “pandemic” of evictions

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The president of the United We Can group and head of the list of En Comú Podem, Jaume Asens, has assured that the idea is to “expand” the moratorium approved in March “to all evictions that affect people in vulnerable situations.” Asens recalled that “until now” the launches derived from the situation caused by COVID-19 were suspended. “Now we want to go further,” he said, to extend it to any vulnerable person, regardless of whether this circumstance was caused by the pandemic or came from before. “The will is to extend it until December 2022”, Asens assured.

Asked about the existence of evictions despite the presence of United We Can in the Government, Asens has shown his “discomfort” and has said that it is “a dramatic situation.” “What we want is for these evictions to stop until December 2022,” he insisted.

ERC spokesman Gabriel Rufián said for his part that in this Tuesday’s photo “a very important actor is missing, I hope for now, the PSOE. From now on, these will be sold to us as the most social Budgets. And It is partly true, “he said. To insist: “It would be very good for the PSOE to be there so that people are not kicked out of their homes.”

Precisely on the absence of the PSOE Asens has spoken to questions from journalists. “We have spoken with them and they understand that the amendment is presented,” he said, to conclude: “We hope that during the parliamentary process we will be able to achieve their contest. Now it has not been possible, but the PSOE shares the concern we have.”

Asked about the matter, the Minister of Finance and spokesperson, María Jesús Montero, has assured that she does not know the text of the amendment but has slipped that she has already negotiated enough with the minority partner of the coalition during the process of preparing the budget project: ” Our public accounts have had a very deep debate with these formations. The objective is to attend to the claims that the rest of the parliamentary groups have. ”

The economic vice president, Nadia Calviño, has taken the opportunity to recall the measures that have already been implemented in the area of ​​housing and has asked those groups, including that of Pablo Iglesias, “that things should not be mixed.” “This Government has a huge commitment to housing policy and to guaranteeing access to housing,” said Calviño before listing some of the initiatives, such as the reform of the mortgage credit law, the reform of “the leases to strengthen the position of tenants “or changes related to tourist homes or extraordinary measures to prevent the evictions of vulnerable people that will be in force until January 31, among others. In addition to recalling that the department headed by José Luis Ábalos is working on a housing law, he has ruled that “the Government has worked decisively to avoid the eviction of tenants without a housing alternative.”

However, Unidos Podemos, ERC and EH Bildu thus intend to increase the pressure against the socialist part of the coalition government, reluctant to modify the royal decree that proposed in March a moratorium on evictions and that, in the opinion of the parties that propose the amendment, you have not obtained the desired result. They have also denounced it this way in recent weeks different social organizations such as the PAH, Stop Evictions or the Union of Tenants and Tenants, after a media eviction that occurred in Madrid and that even surprised the minister of the sector, José Luis Ábalos, who said that in theory these types of launches were “prohibited”.

At the beginning of the month, Iglesias already presented Ábalos and the third vice president, Nadia Calviño, a proposal to approve a moratorium on launches without a housing alternative for mortgage defaults and for rents as long as the owner of the apartment is not a person in a vulnerable situation. The United Podemos plan also includes the prohibition of cutting off basic supplies in homes. That is, water, gas and electricity.

Now, United We can join ERC and EH Bildu to try to approve the moratorium during the parliamentary process of the Budgets, which will be resolved before the end of 2020. In the text of the amendment, to which has had access, states that in the event of an eviction “a) due to non-payment of rents, b) due to expiration of the lease, in both cases unless the owner is involved in a case of vulnerability, and, in the event that the owner of the home is a legal person or a large homeowner, c) for precarious, d) to make effective registered real rights, regulated in article 250 of Law 1/2000, of January 7, of Civil Procedure, or e) derived from the criminal proceedings related to the use of real estate without title regulated in article 245.2 of the Penal Code “if the person who is in possession of the home proves” that he lacks a housing alternative for himself and for the people with whom he lives “. it will produce “an extraordinary suspension of the launching act until, at least, the end of the state of alarm.”

In addition, the text adds, “exceptionally, until December 31, 2022, the supply of electricity, petroleum products, including manufactured gases and liquefied petroleum gases, natural gas and water to individual consumers may not be suspended. physical residence in their habitual residence, for reasons other than the security of supply, people and facilities “.


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