United We Can claims, together with other parties, the de-escalation and dialogue in the face of the tension over Ukraine

Nine political formations have issued a joint statement rejecting the sending of troops and weapons due to the increase in tension over Ukraine. Podemos, Izquierda Unida, En Comú Podem, Alianza Verde, Bildu, BNG, CUP, Más País and Compromis have signed a document in which they claim de-escalation and dialogue.

“We completely reject any threat or military aggression against a sovereign State, as well as the sending of Spanish troops to the Black Sea and Bulgaria within the framework of NATO. This conflict can only be resolved through dialogue, relaxation and the conviction that peace is the only way”, they point out in the statement.

In this way, partners of the PSOE, such as United We Can, Bildu, Compromís and Más País, send a message to the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and the Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, after the person in charge of military policies announced this Thursday that Spain will send the frigate Blas de Lezo to the Black Sea, where the minesweeper departed two days ago Meteor. Robles also assured that his department is assessing the possibility of an air deployment in Bulgaria in which Spain participates, which would be added to the one it is part of every year in Lithuania.

Given the increase in tension, the formations maintain that "it does not make sense for NATO to now extend to Ukraine and Georgia for US interests." “Something that is perceived as a military threat by Russia, which adds more tension to an area that has already suffered too much,” point out the political organizations.

Therefore, the nine signatory parties urge that the plans "for Ukraine to enter NATO" be stopped. In addition, they require the international community to agree on "guarantee measures that satisfy both parties on the border between Russia and Ukraine."

For these nine formations, "the Cold War and NATO are stages that have already been overcome." “We cannot recreate it again because we would lose everyone. In this 2022 in which the world continues to face the pandemic and the climate emergency, we are committed to cooperation between countries, peoples and people”, they indicate in the jointly signed text.

"The conflict in Ukraine is not new since since 2013 it has left thousands dead, it has divided the country and its consequences have fully reached the European Union," these formations point out. And they add: “As a fundamental principle of international law, we respect the sovereignty of peoples and reject military threats from one country to another sovereign state, whoever it may be, as well as any change of border by way of military aggression. Ukraine must be able to build its democratic future without any interference.”

Faced with criticism from United We Can, the Foreign Minister, José Manuel Albares, warned this Friday that it is Pedro Sánchez who sets the diplomatic strategy. "Spain's foreign action is marked by the President of the Government," he said. Thus, it has reduced the position of Podemos, which criticized in a statement the sending of troops to the region, by ensuring that "the Government expresses itself every Tuesday through multiple decisions in the Council of Ministers," he explained in reference to the extension of the missions abroad that the Executive decided in December.

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