United We Can claims its "stamp" in a plan against the war that "takes care of the coalition" despite the clash over the Sahara

United We Can claims its "stamp" in a plan against the war that "takes care of the coalition" despite the clash over the Sahara

United We Can has once again made clear this Wednesday its commitment to remain within the coalition government despite the discrepancies with the majority partner, the PSOE, which have been evident in recent weeks. During the appearance of Pedro Sánchez in Congress of the Deputies to report on the last European Council and also on the change of position of Spain on the Sahara, the confederal formation has claimed its role in the Executive although it has highlighted the differences with the socialists on Morocco.

The PP trusts its options to reach the Government to the way in which Sánchez resolves the crisis

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As soon as he spoke, the spokesman for United We Can in Congress, Pablo Echenique, recognized that this morning's was a "complex intervention". “By definition, coalitions are made up of parties that agree on some things and disagree on others,” he recalled. It is, he has said, a "proud one", but he has considered it necessary to highlight it for the "fuss that claims" that the confederal group has "betrayed the principles by agreeing with the PSOE" or that "it breaks the Government" every time it disagree. "Well, neither one thing nor the other," he pointed out.

“Today we deal with an issue in which we disagree and another in which we have a lot in common”, he added, referring to the discrepancies on the Sahara and also to the agreement reached within the coalition to approve, this Tuesday, the measures to deal with the economic and social consequences that the Russian invasion of Ukraine has generated in Spain.

Echenique has once again called for a self-determination referendum for the Saharawi people that will allow it to form a State, a position that does not coincide with that of the majority of the Government, that of the PSOE ministers, who support Pedro Sánchez's move by accepting the autonomous framework for the Sahara defended by Morocco. “When a government decision raises so little understanding on the part of the public, the government has a duty to listen and reflect. You should do it with all loyalty. We intend to take care of the coalition, and that means explaining the discrepancies clearly”, he added.

“We are satisfied with the measures”

However, immediately afterwards, Echenique wanted to emphasize that "taking brave measures" to the Council of Ministers also "is taking care of the coalition", and that is what has happened, in his opinion, with the package of measures announced yesterday by the Government. "We are satisfied with the measures", he assured, because "they raise a new social shield again". "With royal decrees like yesterday's, the feeling of pride returns to having a Government that makes courageous decisions to improve people's lives," he stressed.

Addressing the right, Echenique added: “They don't want us in the Government because they know that with us in the Government, measures are adopted for the benefit of the people. That makes them panic because it dismantles the story that they are good managers”. For the spokesman for the confederal group, "the main measures" of the Government's royal decree law "bear the seal of United We Can", which shows that his permanence in the Executive "is useful for the coalition." Among the initiatives, he has cited the "massive intervention of rents". “Does anyone think that the rental market would have been intervened if United We Can were not in the Government?”, He has asked himself.

The spokesman for United We Can, however, has considered that more taxes are still missing for high incomes or capping the price of gas, but he has hoped to continue negotiating within the Executive.

The most controversial point of his speech was when Echenique recalled the controversial photo of the president of the Xunta de Galicia and the only candidate to preside over the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, with the drug trafficker Marcial Dorado. In his opinion, the 'popular' will continue "building the story that, despite the fact that he has drug trafficker friends, Mr. Feijóo is moderate."

Criticism of PP and Vox

At that moment, there has been a huge uproar in the hemicycle with complaints and shouts from the PP deputies who have interrupted the spokesman for United We Can. "Yes, yes, there are photos, there are photos, it's not my opinion, there are photos", Echenique has insisted over and over again despite the anger of the 'popular' bench.

In addition, Echenique had begun his speech in plenary by reproaching the leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, for not having spoken "not even 30 seconds about the criminal invasion" launched by Russian President Vladimir Putin in Ukraine. “Perhaps the explanation lies in the Russian financing of Make yourself heard or in the fact that Vox was the only group in the city council [de Madrid] who would like to keep the medal for Putin”, he stressed. In his opinion, "the international allies of the murderous dictator are the extreme right in all countries, including in Spain." “That is why Abascal has not spoken for 30 seconds”, he has settled.

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