United We can challenge 25 years of the PP of Madrid in its program for the 4M

Health, education, taxes, housing, public transport, investigating residences, local commerce, taxi, dependency … “We are going to win to the right by assuring people that we are going to do it differently.” This is how Pablo Iglesias has presented the program that United We can propose for the elections of the Community of Madrid on May 4 is a challenge to the entire last 25 years of the PP Government, and especially, of the last two management of Isabel Díaz Ayuso. The candidacy led by Iglesias has made his electoral promises public this Tuesday. “They are not just a set of proposals, but a condition of possibility to win the right,” said the secretary general of Podemos. “Citizens have to be clear that our project is to do the opposite of what the right wing has done, we cannot win by saying that we are going to do the same,” Iglesias said.

Pablo Iglesias seeks to wake up sleeping Madrid for the 4M elections

Pablo Iglesias seeks to wake up sleeping Madrid for the 4M elections

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The first of the measures proposed by the candidacy of Pablo Iglesias is a “thorough audit of the Madrid institutions to investigate the last 25 years of corruption.” “Raising the carpets” and “analyzing what part of the public debt of the Community of Madrid can be considered illegitimate because it has been contracted as a result of corrupt activities.” Iglesias intends to claim, if necessary, presence in ministries in the Government of Madrid that allow him, precisely, to carry out this promise and, in addition, reverse the cuts of the PP in public services.

“If we had to synthesize the politics of the last 25 years it has been to dismantle the public, because their ideology is that the public should be for humble people and others aspire to the private,” he explained. “They work so that there is a transfer of resources to the private sector, that what belongs to everyone serves to finance what belongs to a few, especially in education and health,” he pointed out.

In these two specific areas, Unidos Podemos is committed to injecting 1,000 million euros, respectively, to increase the hiring of professionals and improve infrastructure. In health, Iglesias proposes “increasing the staff by 10,000 troops” and “improving their salary and working conditions.” Much of that money will also go to primary care, until it reaches “25% of the total.” In addition, “real and free” coverage of “oral, physical therapy, ophthalmology and mental health, including coverage of glasses and hearing aids,” is proposed.

In terms of education, Unidos Podemos wants to “increase the staff by 10,000 troops”, put an end “to educational concerts with centers that segregate by sex”, and guarantee that “public university and vocational training will be free in two years.” For all this, a Law of Quality of the Educational System will be approved “.

Investigate residences

One of the central elements of the program is to investigate what happened in the nursing homes in the first wave. An investigation commission of the Madrid Assembly was already investigating the so-called Operation Bug and orders not to transfer the elderly infected by the coronavirus to hospitals.

Unidos Podemos wants to know “what happened during the coronavirus epidemic” in the residences. But, in addition, it proposes to reverse the concerted model that now prevails in the region. “Deprivatization of centers and create some 2,300 public places,” says the document released this Tuesday. In addition, it is proposed to approve a “Law of Quality of the Care System” that affects ratios and minimum working conditions, “whatever its ownership and the management model” of the residence.

Regarding Dependency, it is proposed to “increase by 200 million” the funding that corresponds to the autonomous community “to place Madrid among those that invest the most.” “This will eliminate the waiting list of 28,000 people in two years,” he says the document, which also proposes changing the model from residential care to home care.

The tax proposal proposes a “progressive reform to lower taxes on the lowest incomes” and “that those who have the most pay what they are entitled to.” In total, it is estimated that the collection will increase by 3,180 million thanks to the recovery of the Estate, Donations and Inheritance taxes. For example, eliminating “completely the current bonus of 100% in the Wealth Tax only for fortunes over one million euros” or “the bonus for inheritances and donations over one million euros and we will place the marginal bonus in the tranche between € 500,000 and a million euros 50% “.

In housing there is also a total reversal of the current model. United We can insist on “regulating the price of rents in stressed areas” and placing rents at “30% of the average salary.” Also “establish the mandatory transfer of the use of the empty house of large owners, those who have more than 10 homes, as well as banks, investment funds and SOCIMIS.” An “empty house tax” would be introduced and a “Right to Housing Law of the Community of Madrid “.

In addition, it is proposed to repeal the recent land law, the only regulation approved by Isabel Díaz Ayuso in her two years in office, and Operation Chamartín will be paralyzed.

Against uberization from the taxi

Unidos Podemos has made the defense of the taxi sector one of its axes in recent years. Now, Pablo Iglesias takes him to his program for Madrid to “modify the regional legislation on land transport to end unfair competition from the VTCs.”

In terms of public transport, Unidos Podemos proposes a “reduction of 75% in the transport subscription for young people, long-term unemployed over 50 years, single-mother families, retirees, people with functional diversity and other vulnerable groups”, as well as “increase the frequency of Metro de Madrid at rush hour” or “improve the occupational health and safety of workers in Madrid’s public transport”.

In addition, the candidacy that brings together Podemos and IU proposes a public bank, a public energy company and a public pharmaceutical company in the Community of Madrid, as well as a “public company of industrial holdings”. End gambling houses and aid for bullfighting, as well as “establish a social income for domestic workers in a situation of unemployment or underemployment.”

Iglesias has emphasized, as he did on Monday in an interview on Telemadrid, on another battle horse for Ayuso: his supposed support for the hotel industry. The former vice president has resorted to his passage through the Government of the nation to offer the “data” that dismantles the speech of the PP: “How much money has Ayuso given to the hotel industry? 0 euros. We, 7,000 million and fighting within the Government, because the Ministry of Economy proposed 2,000 million “.

In addition, Iglesias has valued the ERTE. “We have managed from the Ministry of Labor the legal and economic mechanism that has saved hundreds of thousands of companies from disappearing and millions of people from losing their jobs,” he explained, to settle: “While some shouted, we protected companies and workers “.

Its program for small businesses, cultural establishments and hotels goes through a “point system to promote consumption” in local businesses. “A card with an electronic purse will be enabled to reimburse 10% of the consumption carried out in any of the establishments that have the seal. These reimbursements, which can be accumulated up to a maximum of € 50 per month, may be spent during the following month in the same network of establishments “, points out the program.


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