United We can call for an urgent meeting with the PSOE for Calviño’s “interference” in the repeal of the labor reform

United We Can has requested an urgent meeting with its Government partner to address the interference of the First Vice President of the Government and Minister of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, Nadia Calviño, in the repeal of the labor reform in which the team of the Second Vice President and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz. From the coalition they consider that it is “very serious” that Calviño speaks of not complying with an agreement reached in the Government and they understand it as an “interference” in the negotiation that has been progressing in the social dialogue for five months, point out the sources consulted.

United We can mark its own profile against the PSOE after the budget agreement

United We can mark its own profile against the PSOE after the budget agreement

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The Socialists have reacted to Belarra’s announcement on Twitter and have accepted this meeting, although no date has yet been set for the two government partners to sit at the table for monitoring the coalition agreement, according to Europa Press.

Calviño was yesterday as head of the Executive to 12 CCOO Congress, due to the last minute absence of Pedro Sánchez, who had to fulfill commitments in Europe. The first vice president did not join her government’s speech on the repeal of the 2012 PP labor reform, which Sánchez himself had defended in the PSOE Congress only a weekend before.

“I have been three and a half years – first minister and then vice president – calling on all of us to overcome the debate between reforms, counter-reforms …”, Calviño answered about whether he had the same approach as President Sánchez regarding the labor reform that negotiates the Ministry of Yolanda Díaz supposes the repeal of the legislation of the PP.

But the most surprising thing was not that, but Nadia Calviño argued that the negotiation of the labor reform with the social agents was really beginning now when the Ministry of Labor has been negotiating for months. Calviño’s words were interpreted as a disavowal of Díaz’s team, which has carried out intense work in recent months on this matter, with weekly meetings with unions and employers. Calviño reduced this work to “preliminary meetings and contacts”, through which a multitude of normative texts have already been crossed by Labor.

An “interference” in the role of Labor

The minority partner of the Executive insists that the seriousness of the matter does not lie only in a few words, yesterday’s statements, but in the background of these and in the position of the economic Vice-presidency in this matter.

There is an attempt at “interference” by the Economy, they underline, which they consider to be trying to condition the work of the Ministry of Labor in this negotiation and its autonomy in the social dialogue table with unions and employers.

It is especially noteworthy the attempt to disavow Calviño in the face of the employers, who do not want to dismantle the reform of the PP. It already happened with the minimum wage at the beginning of the year, when the employers showed no interest in negotiating a rise given the support of the first vice president to keep it frozen.

The repeal of the labor reform is one of the flags that the second vice president raises in her political acts. Less than a month ago, in the closing of the PCE FestivitiesBefore 10,000 attendees, Díaz assured that if this task was not achieved, the Government “will be wrong.” In that intervention, he already warned that in order to achieve this objective, the Ministry of Labor is going to face “many abuses.” Still, he maintains his conviction that this project will succeed. “We are going to do it, right, Unai? Right, Pepe?”, He pointed out, directly questioning the leaders of the Workers’ Commissions and the UGT. “Believe me, we are going to repeal the labor reform,” he concluded.

Despite the fact that the issue that has generated the disagreement affects the Diaz area, it has been Ione Belarra, secretary general of Podemos and Minister of Social Rights, who has announced through Twitter the urgent request for a meeting with the PSOE for ” address the management and implementation of coalition commitments. ” Díaz has maintained numerous tensions with Vice President Calviño, for example over the rise in the minimum wage, but in general he has been more inclined not to air them in public. Yesterday, for example, after Calviño’s forceful words, the Ministry of Labor did not enter into polemics and simply recalled that the social dialogue table has been working on this issue for “five months”.


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