Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

United We can aspire to be given the numbers to govern with the PSOE

United We can aspire to be given the numbers to govern with the PSOE

The number two of the candidature of United We Can for Madrid, Irene Montero, said on Friday that what is really important in the campaign is to get them to give "the numbers" so that the PSOE "will enter the desire" to govern with his coalition.

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"We went out to win this game, but above all to the numbers that we take give us to govern, so that the PSOE will enter the desire to govern with United We Can," said Irene Montero at the opening ceremony of the campaign, who has been the protagonist in place of the candidate for the Presidency, Pablo Iglesias.

At a rally in Toledo with Alberto Garzón, federal coordinator of the United Left, Irene Montero explained that the alternative to which Unidas Podemos is strong is that from the April 28 elections, a government "very, very, very right "or only one right, in reference to possible pacts between the PP, Cs and Vox or the PSOE and Citizens.

After affirming that Unidas Podemos is now closer than ever to govern, Irene Montero has set itself the goal of convincing those who still do not know if they are going to vote-according to the CIS they are 41% of the electorate- and show them that the proposals of the formation purple are not unrealizable, as according to the party's story prove the approval of this legislature of measures such as the increase in the minimum wage.

"And if we have raised it to 900 euros, why not to 1,200?", Asked Irene Montero, who recalled that the Podemos program advocates limiting temporary contracts and preventing them from being used for tasks that are undefined.

In women, Irene Montero has lamented, the consequences of an "uncontrolled" economic system and "incompatible with life" always fall. "And this campaign is about regaining control," said Irene Montero.

In a veiled reference to the internal crises of Podemos, which has been left along the way the confluences in Valencia and Galicia, Irene Montero thanked Alberto Garzón who has always understood "the value of unity."

"I can assure you that, although sometimes we have not been able to explain it, we know in our own skin the consequences of being divided: the adversary knows very well where to attack", said Irene Montero precisely on the day when the deadline for a coalition expires to the autonomic elections, to which IU and Podemos could present different lists.

"There are people who have always been clear that, whatever it cost, you had to fight for unity, and that's what Alberto Garzón has done", Irene Montero has put in value, some words that he has thanked.

The head of IU has also asked to "do pedagogy" and convince the working neighborhoods of the need to vote to "have the maximum possible power", and has warned that this time it can not be repeated that rich neighborhoods vote more than poor

"The first thing that has been done in Andalusia by the three rights has been to lower taxes to the richest, to people who charge more than 5,000 euros a month," said Alberto Garzón in reference to the pact between the PP and Citizens with the support of Vox to govern in that autonomous community.

The stop in Toledo of the cara cara de Unidas has been the only one of the formation in this territory where in 2016 it obtained two seats -one for Toledo and the other for Albacete-, which, if the forecast of the CIS is met, will not be revalidated.

Irene Montero has shared the stage with the candidates Teresa Arévalo and Daniel Velasco, and with the Secretary of Organización de Podemos in Castilla-La Mancha, María Díaz, who has proposed "building a wall of common sense" so that the "reactionary front" that in his opinion he rules in Andalusia "do not go through Despeñaperros".


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