United We can ask to sanction Macarena Olona for publishing a photo mocking other deputies

The parliamentary group of United We Can has filed a complaint with the Board of the Congress of Deputies for a tweet published last Wednesday by the secretary general of the Vox Parliamentary Group in Congress, Macarena Olona, ​​in which, according to the confederal group skipping the internal rules of the Lower House, included a photo of the members of the presentation to reform the Citizen Security Law, known as the ‘gag law’, which he called “akelarre“.

Vox smears Congress

Vox smears Congress

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“Today the Conference has been constituted in Congress to reform the Citizen Security Law. Here the akelarre of Speakers who promote / support it, “Olona wrote on her personal Twitter account. The message was accompanied by an image of the six speakers whom the far-right parliamentarian identified by drawing the parties to which they belong above their heads: PCE, United We Can, ERC, PSOE, PNV and Bildu.

In his complaint, to which elDiario.es has had access, the spokesperson for United We Can, Txema Guijarro, denounces that Olona “took a photo of all the parliamentarians who presided over said Conference” and that “that photograph was later published on his account. Twitter staff, pointing out each of the parliamentarians that made up the Conference by their political affiliation, thus initiating an escalation of retweets, tweets and offensive comments in order to create a social climate of hatred towards said speakers by the mere exercise of their parliamentary functions “.

This publication would violate the internal regulations of Congress, which, in its article 16, establishes that “the deputies are obliged to adapt their conduct to the Regulation and to respect parliamentary order, courtesy and disciplinary action, as well as not to disclose the actions that, according to the provisions of the former, may exceptionally have the character of secret “.

Article 64.4 of the Regulation states, specifically, that “the sessions of the Investigation Commissions preparatory to their work plan or the decisions of the Plenary, or internal deliberation, or the meetings of the Papers that are created within them [como es el caso], they will not be public. ”

The confederal group denounces a “campaign of hatred and pointing out”

United We can recall that it is not aware that Olona “has the status of an authorized graphic informant, in accordance with that established in article 98.3 of the Congress Regulations or by the provisions of the Presidency’s Instruction on graphic information of December 28, 2011, nor that his parliamentary duties include photographing the rest of the members of the Commission. ”

The confederal group also denounces that “the deputy encourages offensive campaigns, hatred and public pointing towards the photographed deputies and the political groups they represent, thereby generating a social climate that can end in episodes of violence.” For United We Can “it is evident that such conduct suffers from institutional disloyalty since it is also pointed out to Congress itself, with the consequent institutional and parliamentary discredit.”

For Guijarro, “the Congress of Deputies should not remain on the sidelines of such a flagrant breach of its regulatory norm, and even more so when such breach is manifestly deliberate with the intention of generating a climate of hatred and confrontation, seriously disturbing parliamentary activity. and the work of the Report and the dignity of the deputies that make it up “.

However, Unidos Podemos requests the Board of Congress to “adopt the disciplinary measures provided for in Article 99. 1 of the Congress Regulations and, where appropriate, the proposal for adoption to the Plenary of Congress of the measures provided for in Article 101 of the Regulation, all this in relation to the breach of the duty of secrecy of Article 16 of the Regulation and the prohibition of unauthorized graphic reproduction of Article 98 of the Regulation “.

Olona is a state attorney and has used to define herself as a “robed politician” due to her status as a jurist and, therefore, as a supposed defender of the laws and regulations in force. At the end of this edition, the tweet published by the Vox parliamentarian mocking other deputies accumulated more than 5,300 retweets and more than 10,500 ‘I like’.


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