United We can ask the Government for explanations about the Concordat | Society

United We can ask the Government for explanations about the Concordat | Society

The parliamentary group Unidos Podemos, En Comú Podem and En Marea registered on Tuesday a request for the vice president of the Executive, Carmen Calvo, to appear "to clarify if the Government is going to denounce the agreements of Spain with the Holy See" of 1979 with the objective of "ending impunity for religious charges in cases of sexual abuse of minors". Last May, the secretary of socialist secularism, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes, said that, in case of governing, the Executive would denounce "the dimensions of the agreements with the Holy See that are not compatible with the Constitution."

In addition, the Unidos Podemos group on Monday recorded a parliamentary question in which it interrogates the Executive on whether it plans to "require" the Spanish Catholic Church to promote the realization of a report on pedophilia cases committed in its midst. The question, registered by the United Left deputy Eva García Sempere, also raises whether the Sanchez Government considers the Concordat an obstacle to ending the opacity of the Church and "the lack of cooperation of the same" with the ordinary justice in the cases of pedophilia.
The Minors Act was approved in 2015, and in 2018
The bishopric of Astorga drafted its procolo against pederasty, in which it mentions the Law of the Minor and obliges clerics to communicate to civil authorities the sexual abuse they know in their diocese. Only two of the 70 Spanish dioceses share this obligation.

The socialist parliamentary group stressed Tuesday that it has always maintained that the Church is subject, in matters related to sexual abuse, to the same law as any citizen. The Secretary General of the PSOE in Congress, Rafael Simancas, said on Tuesday that the socialist group is open to debate whether it would be necessary to collaborate with the Church, as has happened in other countries such as Germany and Ireland, if they decide to prepare an extrajudicial report on abuses . "We would be talking about something similar to the Truth Commission," says Simancas.

On this subject, sources of Citizens declared that "sexual crimes should not have a particular regime or different consideration if it is committed by a lay person or a religious", and cases of sexual abuse in Spain "should be investigated, prosecuted and condemned with all the hardness "of the law. The Popular Party, at the moment, has not pronounced itself on if it has thought to propose some initiative that regulates the cases of sexual abuses to minors.

This diary precently found that the Catholic Church has silenced for decades sexual abuse in your breast. And that only 30 sentences have been written in 30 years.


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