United We Can ask in its resolutions of the debate to eliminate the subject of religion and the box of the Church in the rent

United We Can ask in its resolutions of the debate to eliminate the subject of religion and the box of the Church in the rent

Although they are not issues that have been addressed this week in the Congress of Deputies, United We Can demand a bill "on freedom of conscience that guarantees secularism of the State." Also suppress the tax assignment to the Catholic Church, as well as eliminate the teaching of religion from the educational system. All these initiatives will be included in the proposals for resolutions that the group will present after the Debate on the state of the nation which concluded this Wednesday in the Lower House, and to which elDiario.es has had access.

United We Can celebrates "the progressive change of direction" but asks for another new tax on large corporations

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Each group will register a maximum of 15 ideas that will be debated on Thursday in plenary and that, later, will be put to the vote of the same. Among its proposals, United We Can demands an explicit condemnation of the massacre of the Melilla fence on June 24, a massacre on which, in the opinion of the confederal group, the majority partner of the Government, the PSOE, on whom the ministries depend of the Interior and Foreign Affairs, has not given sufficient explanations. But he avoids denouncing the increase in defense spending that in recent weeks has also caused him to clash with the Socialists. Likewise, it calls for “promoting legal channels” to facilitate the arrival of migrants and the “regulation” of people who are in an illegal situation, in line with what the German Government has done.

The resolution proposals have an eminently economic approach. Thus, in order to "shield the purchasing power" of citizens against escalating inflation, United We Can raise the minimum wage until it reaches 60% of the average wage, a rise in the remuneration of public employees, increase the minimum vital income in 15%, as well as address the increase in non-contributory pensions by 15% and guarantee that they are updated based on the CPI.

The group in which Podemos, IU and En Comú Podem are integrated also calls for the creation of a public energy company and a "State pact for public services" that "culminates in financing health, education, care and public services and to increase the ratios of professionals above the European average in 10 years”. United We Can propose extending birth or adoption permits to 24 weeks, and establishing a benefit for parenting and 7-day care leave.

Reinforcement of education and health

The resolution proposals of the confederal group incorporate some of the measures announced in recent weeks by Podemos, such as the increase in investment in dependency by 600 million euros, the launch of an additional fund of 10,000 million per year "to reinforce health and education”, introducing oral health into the national health system and the elimination of health co-payments.

United We Can also proposes a tax reduction for small and medium-sized companies "that invoice less than one million euros per year" and that, according to the proposal of this group, would go from taxing 25% to 23%. In addition, it proposes to lower the VAT for menstruation, veterinarians and hairdressers. But it also requires an increase in personal income tax for salaries greater than 10,000 euros per month and the creation of a tax on large fortunes.

The group led by Pablo Echenique in Congress proposes the “limitation of the opening of betting houses and gambling halls near educational centers and dedicates a specific section to requesting an increase in health investment, unblocking the Mental Health Law, increasing benefits of oral health, the direct incorporation of civil servants in the public health system or guarantee the right to abortion in any hospital or public center in the country. But, in addition, the confederal group wants the State to promote the use of co-official languages ​​as well as favor the recognition of Asturian, Galician and Aragonese.

“Feminist” motion for a resolution

In labor matters, United We Can proposes to approve a new Labor Statute "that delves into the content of the labor reform", to approve "a new social contract increasing the taxation of large companies", to launch the new Spanish Employment Agency, promote that cooperatives "can be constituted as platforms to guarantee labor rights" or regulate "the unemployment benefit for domestic workers."

Among those raised, there is also a feminist resolution proposal that includes the national care strategy and declares care “as a fundamental right”. It also proposes "working on the eradication of all forms of violence against women", ensuring "access to voluntary interruption of pregnancy", expanding "sexual and reproductive rights" or guaranteeing parity in public bodies and the use of the inclusive language.

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