United We can ask Batet in writing to annul the suspension as deputy of Alberto Rodríguez

United We can ask in writing the president of Congress, Meritxell Batet, to annul Alberto Rodríguez's suspension as a deputy. The confederal group maintains that the head of the Lower House does not have powers to withdraw the seat from Rodríguez, after the conviction of the Supreme Court that sentenced him to a month and a half in prison for attacking a policeman in 2014 during a demonstration in La Laguna .

In a document dated this Friday, the spokesmen of the confederal group defend that the decision to suspend Rodríguez would have to have passed through the Board of Congress, since that body previously ruled on the requests of PP and Vox for the sentence to be executed. against the already ex-deputy of the coalition.

"It was attributed [a la Mesa] the competence that allowed him to participate in the final decision on how to give effect to the sentence in question, "they argue from United We Can. It also defends that" from that moment "the president" was empowered to make a final decision term "." But any decision to alter a previous one and that implied a relevant change in the way of giving effect to the sentence in question, required a prior hearing to the Table, "they point out.

Batet made the decision to suspend the status of deputy of the former secretary of Organization of Podemos last Friday after the letter sent this Friday by the president of the Second Chamber of the Supreme, Manuel Marchena, reminding him that Rodríguez has been sentenced to prison and disqualification from passive suffrage.

The president of Congress made this decision after the president of the Second Chamber of the Supreme Court, Manuel Marchena, assured that Rodríguez's 45-day prison sentence had been replaced by a fine but only for the purpose of his execution. The confederal group regretted that Batet accepted the thesis of the magistrate and even announced a complaint against the head of the Lower House president, which has not finally been interposed. The deputy has not yet sued Batet.


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