United We can accuse the Government of being at the "feet" of the King to take to the TC the resolution of the Parliament

United We can accuse the Government of being at the "feet" of the King to take to the TC the resolution of the Parliament

Podemos has accused the Government of putting itself at the "feet" of the King and "overprotecting" the monarchy, with its decision to challenge before the Constitutional Court the resolution approved on October 11 by the Parliament of Catalonia, at the initiative of its partners in Catalonia in Comú Podem, which reproved Felipe VI for "his intervention in the Catalan conflict" and called for "the abolition of an outdated and undemocratic institution like the monarchy."

"The Council of State, a clearly conservative body, says the obvious: that the resolution of the Parliament on Felipe VI has no legal effects and, therefore, there is no recourse." The PSOE government says that it will appeal equally at his feet Majesty " , Secretary of Organization of Podemos, Pablo Echenique, has ironized on Twitter. Who, also in another tweet, has responded to the words spoken by the government spokesperson, Isabel Celaá, in which he ruled that "the figure of the head of state is inviolable and, consequently, should not be the subject of a partisan dispute within a regional Chamber. "The right wing of the PP? No. The spokesperson for a PSOE government "has written, again ironically, the secretary of Podemos.

In turn, the spokeswoman attached to the Congress of Unidos Podemos-En Comú Podem-en Marea, Ione Belarra, has criticized the PSOE seems "determined to condition its future to that of the Monarchy." "It is incomprehensible, a modern country needs a democratically elected Head of State and not descendants," he claimed.

For its part, the federal coordinator of Izquierda Unida (IU), Alberto Garzón, has accused the government of being "more papist than the pope and going out to 'defend' the corrupt monarchy before a political reprobation of a democratic institution." "A gratuitous, shameful, dangerous and undemocratic overacting," he said.

From Catalonia: "Judicialize the policy against republicanism", "The Catalans do not have a king"

The Catalan senator of Podemos, Óscar Guardingo, has criticized that the Government of Sanchez has "disregarded the Council of State to bring to the TC a political resolution of the Parliament," as the former vice president of the PP Government Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría did. "Continue judicializing the policy, before against the independence movement and now against republicanism," he denounced.

"We are citizens and not subjects, Catalans and Catalans have no king," said Pere Aragonès, vice president of the Government of Catalonia, on Twitter after hearing the decision of the central government to challenge before the Constitutional Court (TC) the resolution of the Parliament that failed the King and called for the abolition of the monarchy.

Aragonès has ensured that the Generalitat will continue to defend the republic as a form of government and that the monarchy "has to be in history museums and not at the head of a state that considers itself democratic."


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