May 29, 2020

United We believe that the 10N will confirm that it has a "very solid soil"

The number three of United We can by Madrid and general secretary of the PCE, Enrique Santiago, has been convinced that today's elections will confirm that the coalition has a "very solid ground" and "does not seem to happen" that this space politician out weakened.

Enrique Santiago has pronounced like this in a brief intervention next to the spokeswoman of Podemos, Noelia Vera, from the Harley Space of Madrid, where United We can carry out its electoral follow-up.

The spokeswoman for Podemos has sent her thanks to all citizens who "despite the fatigue and boredom have gone out to vote" and has put in value that the participation has been higher – he said – that "in 2015 and in 2016 "although it has fallen compared to 28A.

"We are very happy with the campaign we have done," said Noelia Vera, who thanked her support for social groups and militancy.

In addition, Enrique Santiago has trusted that United We can have after these elections a "strong presence" in the next government.

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