United Podemos and the investiture partners ask Congress to investigate the flights of the king emeritus since his abdication

The Bureau of Congress will have to rule again next Tuesday on a parliamentary investigation into the new financial scandal that affects the king emeritus. Unidos Podemos, together with ERC, PNV, JxCat, PDeCat, Bildu, BNG, Más País, Compromís and the CUP, have registered this Friday a request for the creation of a commission on “the tax irregularities committed by Mr. Juan Carlos de Borbón on the occasion of the hiring and the payment in charge from the Zagatka Foundation of private flights after his abdication. ”

Juan Carlos I pays more than four million to the Treasury for the private flights that a foundation of his cousin supported him

Juan Carlos I pays more than four million to the Treasury for the private flights that a foundation of his cousin supported him

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The confederal group and the rest of the signatories expressly highlight that the commission’s scope of action will be limited to the period after the abdication, in order to try to avoid the veto of the PSOE, PP and Vox, claiming that the figure of the head of state is “inviolable “according to the Constitution. This is one of the reasons commonly used by these parties to reject any parliamentary initiative about the father of the current king.

The neat and careful writing (more than is usual in this type of petitions) presented to Congress reviews the financial scandals that arose around Juan Carlos de Borbón and other members of his family and places special emphasis on the two fiscal regularizations undertaken by the king emeritus in recent months, as well as in the proceedings opened by the Prosecutor’s Office of the Supreme Court and which were communicated at the time to the person under investigation. The brief indicates that these fiscal regularizations, “especially those that bring cause of actions after the abdication, could imply the confession of crimes against the Public Treasury that are not covered by the privilege of inviolability.”

“The information published on the case of private flights does not rule out that attempts at ‘voluntary’ regularization have taken place, as in the case of opaque cards, because the King Emeritus knew that there was an ongoing investigation,” he continues. the document, to which elDiario.es has had access. And he adds: “The investigations opened in other jurisdictions, such as the one carried out by the Prosecutor’s Office of the Canton of Geneva, in Switzerland, do not make it possible to ensure that it is a true and complete regularization.” To settle: “The origins of the money used to settle the 4.4 million owed to the treasury in relation to the private trips made by the ex-king are not clear either.”

In addition, the signatories recall that “the loan granted to pay the debt with the Treasury could violate the regulations on gifts of the Royal House itself and could constitute new crimes or serious added irregularities”, as has reported elDiario.es this week.

The events are “serious enough for the Cortes, as the highest representation of popular sovereignty, to take action on the matter,” says the document.

Dodging the Tax Law

The letter also tries to anticipate another of the reasons alleged on a regular basis to prevent these investigations: secrecy in tax data. But the Tax Law itself states in article 95 that such information may be transferred to third parties, among others, within the framework of a parliamentary investigation commission.

The letter gives several examples of parliamentary investigations that have broken that fiscal secret, such as the one that took place “on the performance, evolution and management of the assets of Mr. MRJ (Mariano Rubio), as well as the possible use of privileged information and influence peddling. in private operations, during the period in which he held public positions of responsibility in the Bank of Spain (V Legislature) or the Investigation Commission on the management of budgetary funds assigned to the General Directorate of the Civil Guard, while Mr. LR (Luis Roldán), also in the V Legislature “.

The brief recalls that Congress has also investigated facts that were part of contemporary judicial proceedings, such as the investigations “into the alleged illegal financing of the Popular Party, the Commission on the railway accident that occurred in Santiago, or the one related to flight JK 5022 of Spanair “.

Five points to investigate

To try to tie up the favorable report of the Congress lawyers, something that United We can already achieved in another investigation proposal to the emeritus king, the letter delimits to five the issues that Congress could probe.

First, if the Zagatka foundation “would have financed Don Juan Carlos de Borbón and his friends private pleasure flights, after his abdication as Head of State”; second, “if after his abdication as Head of State, he deliberately omitted the obligation to declare to the Public Treasury the amounts received or used to pay for flights”; “If the amounts used by the ex-king to regularize his accounts come from loans or donations subject to tax obligations after June 2014”; “If the payment of said loans could fall on his heirs, including the current Head of State, Felipe VI”; and, finally, “if regulatory changes are needed to prevent these events from occurring in the future.”


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