United Podemos and government partners pressure the PSOE by registering the PAH Housing Law to regulate rents

“The ball is now in the court of the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez.” This sentence pronounced this Thursday by the spokesperson for Lucía Delgado, spokesperson for the Platform for People Affected by Mortgages (PAH), right in front of the facade of the Congress of Deputies, summarizes the exercise of pressure on the socialist part of the Executive carried out by nine political parties with parliamentary representation, most of which are regular allies of the coalition government. All have signed a proposal for a Housing law prepared by dozens of social organizations, CCOO and UGT, which has been registered at 10.00 in the morning in the Lower House.

But they have also been joined by United We, one of the two legs of the Executive that has been negotiating a Housing text with the PSOE for months. The partners still cannot reach an agreement. The confederal group wants to demand the regulation of rents, something that is contemplated in the law registered today in Congress. This is an aspect that the socialist part of the Government resists, despite the fact that this regulation was included in the Government pact with the confederal group and in some of the agreements signed with other political forces to achieve their support for the Government Budgets. this year.

Lucía Delgado, of the PAH, assured this Thursday that the one registered today “will be the future law of the right to housing” after the street and the citizen protests have been the “spearhead” of it. She recalled that one of the objectives of the initiative is to prevent the “79,000 evictions” that could occur “when the exceptional measures” of the pandemic that prohibited these launches fall.

“There is a citizen clamor to legislate measures that guarantee the right to housing and supplies for the entire population. Only the refusal of the PSOE prevents the right to housing from being recognized with all guarantees. We demand that the PSOE side with citizenship, “he emphasized, at the gates of Congress.

“The PSOE has to position itself”

Specifically, Delgado has demanded that the Socialists “speed up” the processing of the initiative in the Lower House Table “and give the green light to its consideration” because it is a regulation that allows “access to decent housing , adequate and affordable “. “It is the definitive moment in which the PSOE has to position itself. The time has come to take the side of the people,” he added.

Carme Carazo, from the Llogaters Union, recalled that “a year ago the Government promised to approve a housing law” and has condemned that the PSOE is now trying to distance itself from that commitment “without approving the housing law on time or limit rents “. “The Spanish state is a failed state in terms of housing,” he insisted, after recalling the evictions and that “in this country living for rent makes you vulnerable.” To the socialist part of the Government, he has asked: “Do you intend to continue defending the interests of vulture funds against the public?”

The registered proposition, to which you have had access elDiario.es, collects “the real and effective consideration of the subjective right that everyone has to a decent, adequate and affordable home, making a first home as a priority and necessarily available to citizens, whether in property, rental, or transfer of property. use, or any legal formula for temporary tenure and, alternatively or alternatively, the implementation of an adequate system of financial aid and benefits for this purpose “.

On the other hand, the norm contemplates “the conceptual delimitation, for practical and not only theoretical purposes, that involves the social function of the right to own the home, establishing for this positive ways of promotion and agreement, also sanctioning, where appropriate , its unjustified non-compliance “. It also proposes “measures to avoid the evictions of people and family or coexistence units at risk of residential exclusion.”


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