United Nations for gofio and mojo – The Province

United Nations for gofio and mojo - The Province

At the Geneva headquarters of the UN, it was held yesterday thanks to chefs Juan Santiago, Abraham Ortega and Manuel Tenllado -Francs resident in Gran Canaria-. The three professionals prepared a menu of Canarian recipes with products from the Islands that delighted their exquisite diners.

The headquarters in Geneva of the UN was impregnated yesterday with the aromas of the gastronomy of the Islands by the hand of Gran Canaria chefs Juan Santiago and Abraham Ortega and the gastronomic advisor Manuel Tenllado Arévalo, a Frenchman settled in the Archipelago for decades, who delighted to ambassadors of the United Nations with a menu of Canarian recipes prepared in situ with island products.

The gofio, pineapple herreña, mojo, avocado and mango moganeros or the rabbit hut of Janubio, among other raw materials, were the real protagonists in the Swiss city on Monday of a gastronomic day that is part of the program of events of the Spanish Week 2018, organized by the United Nations between October 2 and 18.

The three professionals of Gran Canaria invited to cook in Geneva summarize in two words the result of their experience cooking Canarian recipes before ambassadors and translators of the UN gathered in Switzerland: "We beat it".

"The acceptance was brutal", confesses the chef Juan Santiago, vice-president of the Association of Cooks, Pastry-makers and Bakers Mojo Picón, presided by the grancanario chef Davidoff Lugo, and of which Abraham Ortega and Manuel Tenllado are also members.

"Having had this opportunity is a dream," says Santiago. "They treated us very well and the diners were very interested in the process of making the dishes, when they finished eating, we gave each one a mortar so we exported the Canarian mojo to many countries", adds the culinary manager of Magazine With style, that is distributed every month with THE PROVINCE and The Opinion of Tenerife.

The menu offered yesterday in Geneva was composed of tartar de jurel with mango, pineapple and avocado; Sama de pluma in short broth with crumpled potatoes and two mojos (red and green) with mortar and eggs mole with strawberries from Valsequillo. "They loved the mango and the gofio but they were very interested in the mojos, from which they took the recipe to make them in their homes," they say.

The food was also served in dishes made by the artisanal potter from the Canary Islands Radha Andaluz, creator of the Radhaluz brand.

The leading chefs of this exclusive culinary experience coincide in highlighting "the very good reviews" received by all the diners. In fact, the organizers of the event insisted that they want to have the Gran Canaria chefs again in the next edition of the Spanish Week at the UN headquarters in Geneva in 2019.

Spanish Week 2018 includes a talk with the Guinean poet César Brandon and, among others, the show of Latin American music and poetry The tenths of Violeta Parra, where the Chilean interpreter Michele Millner accompanied by Aline Gonçalves (flute, clarinet and singing), Sergio Valdeos (guitar and singing), Yves Cerf (saxophones and quena) and Sylvain Fournier (drums and percussion) participate.

"It has been a satisfaction for all three to receive such good reviews, especially because it supports the impression and intention of the members of the Mojo Picón Association of the importance of internationalizing the gastronomic offer of the Canary Islands," they conclude.


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