May 14, 2021

United Kingdom studies confining more areas of the country due to the extension of the new strain

The British authorities are studying placing more areas of England at a very high level of risk to the rapid spread of a new strain of coronavirus, after this Tuesday the United Kingdom reached the peak of infections.

What do we know about the new variant of the coronavirus?

What do we know about the new variant of the coronavirus?

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The Minister of Communities, Robert Jenrick, declared this Wednesday to the media that “it may be necessary to take more measures” to stop the increase in cases of COVID-19.

A government committee responsible for evaluating the situation is holding a meeting on Wednesday to analyze the latest data. The United Kingdom reached its peak of COVID-19 infections in one day yesterday with 36,804 cases, driven in large part by the coronavirus mutation found in this country, while the number of deaths rose to 691, according to the Government.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson decided last Saturday to locate London and several counties in the southeast from England at risk level 4 – serious – to restrict the movement of the population in the face of the disturbing increase in infections.

According to scientific experts, the new variant of the coronavirus has already spread to other areas of the country. “We don’t have a timetable, but the government’s COVID-19 operations committee meets later to assess the scientific evidence,” Jenrick added to the Sky News network.

“We keep this under review. We are constantly listening to scientific advisers about what we should do,” said the minister, adding that the strain is of “great concern” and “may be widespread in most regions. from the country”.

Concern about this strain has led many countries to suspend air connections with the United Kingdom in recent days.


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