July 3, 2020

United Kingdom prohibits betting with a credit card to prevent gambling

The United Kingdom will forbid from April 14 the use of credit cards to bet, both online and in physical establishments, in order to fight against gambling, according to has announced the British Gaming Commission, dependent on the Government.

The decision comes after knowing the data of a study about the habits of British citizens’ game carried out by the agency between August and November last year, and aims to add an “additional layer of protection for vulnerable people “, According to the statement.

The measure will fundamentally affect the more than 10 million adults who bet on on-line in Britain, almost half of the total number of gamblers in the country, amounting to 24 million. Among them, it is estimated that 800,000 use this type of cards to bet (according to data from the UK Finance), 22% of which are classified as “problematic players”, that is, with a high risk of falling into practices related to gambling.

“Betting with a credit card can cause significant financial damage. The ban we have announced should minimize the risks of consumers and prevent them from betting on money they don’t have,” says the agency’s chief executive, Neil McArthur. “We know cases of consumers who have accumulated debts of tens of thousands of pounds because they used the balance available on their credit cards,” he added.

McArthur has also acknowledged that this is a measure that “will bother consumers who use credit cards responsibly,” although he has declared himself “satisfied” with the modification and reduction of the “damage to other consumers” expected. that this implies.

An opinion shared by the Minister of Culture Helen Whately, who said that “there is clear evidence of damage to consumers who bet with money they do not have,” highlighting the need to “act decisively to protect them.” Whately has also argued that “he will not hesitate to take any other necessary measures” to protect those affected by this problem and has acknowledged that “there is still more to be done.”

In this regard, the minister has announced a review of the Law of the Game to ensure that it is “appropriate to the digital age”, as well as a new strategy of addiction nationwide for the same year. In addition, he highlighted the commitment reached with the five main companies in the sector through which they will allocate 100 million pounds to finance the treatment of troubled players.

With this measure, the United Kingdom becomes the only country in our environment that restricts the use of credit cards in gambling and gambling. A proposal that from the Spanish Federation of Rehabilitated Players of Chance (FEJAR) has been received positively, although this is not currently included among the measures in negotiation with the relevant institutions.

“Any measure aimed at controlling the game is always beneficial and we salute it”, point out from FEJAR, who affirm that the measures proposed in conversation with the bank and the General Directorate of the Game also go in that direction. Among them, the control of micro credits through a self-prohibition register to prevent players from incurring unpayable debts, as well as the prohibition of placing ATMs within the gaming centers.


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