United Kingdom one third of foreign arrivals to Andalusia by plane

United Kingdom one third of foreign arrivals to Andalusia by plane

Passengers from the United Kingdom account for a third of the total number of foreign arrivals at airports in Andalusia, which in turn accounts for 15.4 percent of the total number of travelers arriving in Spain by plane from that country.

Pending the impact of the "brexit" on air traffic coming from the United Kingdom, the data corresponding to 2018 show the relevance of this market for the Andalusian community.

With 3.4 million passengers arriving at Andalusian airports in 2018, the United Kingdom ranks as the most important foreign issuer for Andalusia, with a share of 32.7 percent, according to the annual airport movement report prepared by the Board of Tourism of the Board from the data of Aena.

The main tourist regions closed last year with decreases in relation to 2017 in passengers from the United Kingdom: Canary Islands (-5.8%), Balearic Islands (-4.6%) and Andalusia (-0.2%).

Andalusia, which ranks as the third most important autonomous community for this market after the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands, experienced a better result than the Spanish average (-3%).

The analysis by companies shows that Easyjet is the one that carries more passengers to Andalusia from British airports, with 30.9 percent of the total – more than one million (+11.6%) – which allowed it to ascend to first place above Ryanair.

This airline passed in 2018 to occupy the second position with 30.1 percent of users and a growth of 5.6 percent over the previous year, while Jet2 registered an increase of more than 23 percent that allowed it to take hold in the third position

The report states that it must be taken into account that the British company Monarch filed for bankruptcy on October 2, 2017, which "has considerably affected the reconfiguration of this distribution of movements" between companies in 2018.

The London-Gatwick airport is still the most relevant for this market in Andalusian airports, since 21.7 percent of passengers come from it, followed by London-Stansted, Manchester and Birmingham.

In Andalusia, the Malaga airport continues to account for the majority of arrivals in the United Kingdom (84.3%), although last year it lost more than three quota points, which was absorbed by the airports of Seville and Almeria.


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