Mon. Aug 19th, 2019

United Kingdom approaches Brexit with the worst growth in six years

Reino Unido se acerca al Brexit con el peor crecimiento en seis años

The economy of the UK it grew 1.4% in 2018, four tenths less than last year and its lowest level since 2012, according to the statistics published this Monday by the national statistics office (ONS).

The fall in investment, production and construction weigh the data, which reaches a month of a possible Brexit disorderly, in the absence of agreement with the community authorities to leave the European Union.

After rebounding in summer, the economy has slowed down at the end of the year, with a quarterly growth of 0.2%, three times less than the previous quarter. In this way, the economy is cooling as the date of March 29, when the Brexit. In fact, it contracted by 0.4% if you look only at December, being the biggest drop in more than two years.


The GDP contracted 0.4% in December, confirming the gradual slowdown as Brexit approaches

Uncertainty marks the business course and has frozen the investment. "The GDP slowed down in the last three months of the year because the manufacturing of cars and steel products experienced sharp falls and construction is also falling," said Rob Kent-Smith, of the British statistics agency.

Nor does it help the international commercial landscape, with the trade war between China and the United States, a slowdown in the European set and a general apathy in the exchanges preventing a better performance. The only positive data is that of household consumption, which remained strong and grew by 1.9% with respect to the previous year.

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