April 14, 2021

United by a mortgage

United by a mortgage

Substituting the need to love oneself because of the obligation to have to endure is something that never goes well, except in movies. The last one by Juana Macías, "Under the same roof", tries to demonstrate it through a delirious and sometimes fantastical story that weaves the networks of cohabitation as a couple, reveals the consequences of having to share the same house and the little ones common corners of dignity that remain in spite of being separated and ironically and literally demolishes the foundations of a society anesthetized by the pyramid scam of the brick boom. "When there is a rupture, the power struggle between the two parties is stretched, magnified, exaggerated. That is why it is interesting to observe how each of the characters are and to understand why they are like that. Nadia is the active part of the couple. She is the entrepreneur, the one who seeks change, the nonconformist, the one who always has something new to discover and the one who continually needs to do it. The counterpoint, Adrián, is a person who is comfortable where he is. Someone who has achieved what he needed in life and now just wants to enjoy it, "says the Madrid director. As I did with "Pregnant", Macías uses humor wisely to shed current problems that concern the generational profile of those who are around the quarantine and want to live well without having to give up the expectations of life they had planned for their future. The house is the stage. Marriage the consequence.

«I wanted to use humor as a distance from what I was telling. I managed to get in, but not quite. The subject that is treated in the film in particular could have been a drama. Wanting to have a child and not being able to is a drama. Wanting to find a partner and not do it, too. Failing to pay a mortgage or being smothered with the fee or not arriving on time to pay the rent is another drama. That's why I think it's not a matter of the issues, but the point of view. Laughing about what worries us is also very healthy, "he adds.

They speak

In 2010, Juana was nominated for best new director in the Goya for "Plans for tomorrow" and, paradoxically, in this year's candidacy there are three that opt ​​for this recognition in the same category. This progression of the valorisation of women as creators is something that the director relates to the horizon that we as a society should aspire to since "cinema or television are a reflection of the world in which we live, both because of what happens in front of the films as well as what is behind the stories that are told in them ». In this line of vindication without flolclore, her role as member of the association of women filmmakers and audiovisual media sets the tone of her thinking. "From associations like CIMA, we have been working for a long time to make our work visible, to promote new projects and to finally give women an opportunity to demonstrate what they can do," she says. A claim that in the film extends to different thematic areas easy as sex. Something that is part of this plot and that becomes a key piece of the language used by Nadia and Adrián to get understood without something that implies the use of words. "Under the same roof" aspires to laughter but fails to provoke laughter. Because a disheveled love, always has more facility to return to entangle.


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