Sat. Oct 19th, 2019

United Airlines extends the cancellation of its flights with the 737 MAX until November

The US airline United Airlines extended Friday the cancellation of its flights operated with Boeing 737 MAX aircraft until November, after the aeronautical firm was not able to solve the computer error that caused two accidents in Indonesia and Ethiopia with hundreds of deaths.

The third US airline for passenger traffic extends the suspension of these flights, initially scheduled until August 3, and will not fly with any of the 14 aircraft of this model until November 3 of this year, the CNBC reported. .

According to United, which is based in Chicago (Illinois), this will mean the cancellation of between 40 and 45 daily flights this month, 60 daily in August, 70 daily in September and 95 every October day.

"We continue working to adapt the schedule and try to calibrate the aircraft to mitigate the inconveniences caused by the impediment of the MAX flying," said the airline.

"We continue to reserve clients automatically on alternate flights, if we are unable to place them on a different route, we will actively contact them to try to offer them other options," United continued.

The 737 MAXs have been on the ground since mid-March, a few days after the fatal accident in Ethiopia, which left 157 victims and forced the global air authorities to prevent their circulation.

This also had an impact on Boeing, which reduced the production of the models from 52 to 42 per month, and which also paralyzed deliveries until the software problem was resolved.

In May, Boeing said it had completed that software update and corresponding tests, but at the end of June the FAA found another "potential risk" in it, which the company is now working on resolving so that these planes can fly again.

Of the large US airlines, Southwest is the most affected by this veto, since it has 34 aircraft and does not expect them to fly again until October 1, which means a cancellation of 150 daily flights.

American Airlines has withdrawn its 24 MAX until September 3, which implies a cancellation of around 115 journeys a day.

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