Unions call to take to the streets on May 1 despite limitations and pandemic



majority unions, CC.OO. and UGT, made a call to take to the streets on May 1
, International Labor Day, to demand that the Government reverse reforms such as labor or raising the minimum wage. The largest demonstration will run through the streets of Madrid, where the unions have not hesitated to enter the electoral campaign and attack the Popular Party in recent weeks.

Despite the pandemic scenario, the Executive has waited until the last moment and it was not until this Friday -24 hours before the demonstration- when it has decided to take the step to announce some type of capacity limitation in the streets of the capital. The Government Delegation in Madrid established that in the end, only a maximum of 1,000 people will be allowed to attend compared to the 3,000 that the trade union organizations had claimed.

After knowing the figure, the general secretary of CC.OO., Unai Sordo, expressed his disagreement and criticized a double yardstick by pointing out that "there are more people on Calle Preciados in Madrid than in a demonstration." «I believe that this is not a controversy with too much substance. We see crowding of people in concentrations of the electoral campaign in Madrid and I do not see that it is mounting so much scandal, “he complained.

For his part, the general secretary of the UGT, Pepe Álvarez, did not cut himself to demand again today to the workers who attend the mobilizations in order for the Executive to be "sensitive" and comply with the social commitments assumed. Despite the pandemic, Álvarez downplayed the risk of contagion by coronavirus and stressed that the demonstrations are "safe" and do not present "any problem". "We are going to take care of his health," stressed the union leader. "The demonstrations will be safe and will have full guarantees from the health point of view, so I encourage the population of this country to mobilize to find a way out of this pandemic with rights," Álvarez made clear.

Next, Álvarez stressed the importance of "breaking" with these demonstrations "The trend of cuts" in the welfare state and made another call to the Government to "heed the cry of the workers". And he remarked that a large assistance is key this year: "If the Government sees a forceful and clear response in the streets, it will certainly be more sensitive to our claims," ​​he stressed after forgetting that we are suffering a health crisis for to sentence "from this one does not come out" if "all" do not come out.

Enter campaign

Union leaders are also taking advantage of the date to enter the Madrid electoral campaign and make their political position clear. During the presentation of the May Day acts, both Álvarez and Sordo attacked the president of the region, Isabel Ayuso, for having denounced that the left creates "first and second class citizens" in reference to the hunger queues .

On the other hand, and despite the government's delay in putting limits on the large union demonstration, the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, He had no qualms about warning Ayuso this week that you have to "be careful" when holding events of great affluence due to the high incidence of covid. "At the level of some Autonomous Communities, with an accumulated incidence close to 400, we should be careful with the type of shows when there could be a significant influx," said Darias.

For his part, Ayuso replied to Darias that the bullfighting festivities in Las Ventas are safe, with limited capacity and in the open air. For Ayuso, the Government has to "forget" the campaign in Madrid, "because there is not a day that a minister does not have a municipality in the Community to campaign" or that they do not use "the institutions to attack" against labor that takes place in the region.

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