Unions call on the canaries to take to the streets this Wednesday to protest the "deterioration" of life


They clarify that "if Europe does not change the criteria that set energy prices, this will mean in the short and medium term an increase in inflation at the national level that puts access to essential goods and services at risk"

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Trade unions, groups and associations have called on Canarian society to
this Wednesday, March 23, take to the streets to protest the "deterioration" of the living conditions of all citizens who «sees with astonishment and enormous concern the increase in the monthly bills of the
electricity, gasoline, food, housing or transportation«.

The concentrations are convened at different times in all the islands of the archipelago and with them they want to protest that this situation "has a face, it has names and surnames", hence the aim is to show the rejection of the multinational energy companies
“take a slice of this scenario and make a profit while millions of consumers« --users, small and medium-sized companies, the self-employed or the primary sector-- »
they are being harmed by this crazy increase in prices.

To this, they add in a statement, is added the
"unjustifiable" war started by Russia with the invasion of Ukraine that has caused prices to "continue to rise in a worrying and crazy way".

In this sense, they clarify that if "Europe does not change the criteria that set energy prices, this is going to mean an increase in inflation at the national level in the short and medium term that puts access to essential goods and services at risk, as well as the economic recovery» of Spain.

For this reason, they consider that action must be taken by changing the electricity price fixing system, controlling "excessive increases, and capping" the maximum price per MWh in the auction, as well as the need to accelerate investments to reduce
r energy dependency; o protect citizens and families, in addition to industry, agriculture, livestock, fishing, transport, motors of economic activity and the jobs they generate, since they are "absolutely strategic" sectors for the future.

They also urge to activate the mechanisms to avoid dismissals because, they stress, "it is necessary" to protect employment and the self-employed; as well as asking to control rental prices "avoiding that they are revalued with the CPI because having a home in which to live is a necessity, not a luxury."

In these concentrations and demonstrations planned for this Wednesday,
On March 23, the manifesto will be read to demand that the Government of Spain and the European Union act to "contain the crazy escalation of prices, protect employment and stop the deterioration of living conditions«

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