January 26, 2021

Unions call off strikes at Ryanair after reaching a deal with the company | Economy

Unions call off strikes at Ryanair after reaching a deal with the company | Economy

The unions Sitcpla and USO have called off the strike days scheduled for tomorrow and January 13 to which the cabin crew (TCP) in Spain of Ryanair were summoned after arriving this morning to an agreement with the airline, both unions have announced in a joint statement.

The agreement, reached in the General Directorate of Labor after more than 14 hours of meeting, must be ratified in assemblies by cabin crew and with it "the foundations" are set to normalize the labor relations of this group under the legal framework and Spanish labor

The agreement signed with Ryanair includes the commitment to immediately begin the negotiation of the first collective agreement for the cabin crew of the airline, which, according to the unions, was "unthinkable" a few months ago.

"The achievement of the agreement reached at dawn today is the result of a long year and a half of struggle and union actions coordinated both in the national territory and in the framework of the European Union." As a result of signing the agreement we will proceed immediately to the recall of the strikes scheduled for 10 and 13 January 2019, "the unions have indicated.

In the next few days, the unions will hold assemblies in different bases to explain how the agreement reached affects each worker.

For trade union organizations, one of the main achievements of the agreement is the guarantee of stability in employment and the improvement of working conditions, together with what was the main trade union demand: the application of Spanish legislation.

"We are convinced that soon all Ryanair workers in Spain will be able to fully enjoy their rights as citizens of the European Union," they conclude.


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