Union of officials asks to restrict borders with high-risk areas

The Independent Trade Union and Officials' Central (CSIF), the most representative union in public administrations, has called for restricting borders with high-risk areas, among the "restrictive" measures that are requested to be applied in public administrations and services by the coronavirus.

For public services such as Health, General State Administration, Prisons, Education, Army personnel and State Security Forces and Bodies, among others, it proposes a set of general measures, such as the creation of a commission of experts in biosafety to design guides of performance "more stringent for all hospitals and health centers".

In addition, to extreme the measures towards the population of more risk, fundamentally greater, people with chronic pathologies or with suspicion by contagion; Provide masks and clear guidelines for people who have symptoms or suspicions and strict protocols in senior centers for residents and workers.

The union also asks to consider the cancellation due to compulsory isolation as a professional illness, to strengthen the protection of airport professionals and to install hydrogel dispensers of mandatory use in all administrations with customer service.


- Adapt the protocols to the circumstances and facilities of the different health centers.

- Increase the provision of protective equipment for exposed and suspected professionals.

- Autonomous communities must have an extraordinary staffing plan.

- Design closed circuits and provide isolation plants to prevent the spread of the virus.

- Establish protocols to guarantee the disinfection of ambulances and vehicles used in home notices.

- Use of bags for infectious biological waste to leave clothes in the laundry, avoiding mixing it with other clothes.


- Urgent recruitment of doctors in prisons.

- Ensure prevention material for inmates and workers.

- Suspend visits to prisons to people with symptoms.

- Remove the access controls by fingerprint and replace them with the signature book.

- Design specific protocols taking into account the facilities and that the measures implemented do not generate new risks, such as riots or aggressions.


- Precise measures of hand washing, dispensers at the entrance and exit and education on acting and precaution.

- Containment and foresight measures in view of the possibility that it will be extended over time (student evaluation, FP practices, selectivity tests, oppositions ...)

- Closure of centers in areas where there are major foci of coronavirus and quarantine of 14 days for students of the centers from the moment of closure.

- Family guides.

- Provision to health professionals educational centers.

- Promote conciliation measures for society as a whole.


- Suspend official trips to at least risk areas.

- Provide all units with antiseptic fluid, especially in which computer equipment and phones are shared.

- To maximize teleworking.

- Suspend face-to-face meetings.

- Containment plan in the Administration of Justice, to prevent the closure of courts, delay of trials, etc.

- Install screens in the customer service windows or place barrier means such as the double table.

- Ensure that public employees do not go to the workplace if they are going through a feverish or suspicious process.

- Make a containment plan for the impending celebration of oppositions.


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