Unión Agüimes is left without a prize

Unión Agüimes is left without a prize

Agüimes and Antigua offered a show. / P. KINGS

Kiren González tipped the balance for Unión Antigua in the Disa League

PETER KINGS the Gran Canarian palms.

The penultimate day of the men's Disa Government League of the Canary Islands made it clear once again that Unión Agüimes Cicar competes in all its fights, but in most, it is one step away from victory and this time it happened again with Unión Antigua , one of the candidates again for the title, with whom
it fell 11-12, because it has a prop named Kiren González who in great form made the key points against Rafa Santiago and the local props, Kevin Acosta and Ismael Deniz with the score 11-11 and to whom he gave them both, to leave the fight sentenced.

Ismael Déniz eliminated by warnings the also prop CEfraín Perera, Jonay Roque had been eliminated with Matoso in the duel of outstanding C and Andrés Carmelo Guillen, after leaving out Valen Torres, with Tino Rodríguez in the outstanding A, as the most important catches, in a farewell before his fans of the group from the south of Gran Canaria, which left a good taste in the mouth, but reaped a new defeat.

Third Category

The Third Category Regional League became Gran Canaria this day, with the triumphs of Almogarén Queso Flor de Valsequillo, 12-11 against San Bartolomé de Lanzarote and Santa Rita Autos Roso,
12-9 against Llanos del Moro from Tenerife. Damián Suárez's men needed the victory to continue aspiring to get into the final and they got it. And if they are capable of defeating Arafonche in their field, they will be finalists in the competition.

The fight turned against them, as they went 9-4 in their favor, with points from Landaeta, Yeray Hernández, Sony Santana and Nelson Molina. The outstanding team from Lanzarote, Ángel Luis, Hacomar Elvira and Aday Alba reacted and came back,
10-11, on the scoreboard by leaving the outstanding local Airam Gordillo out of the fight and Leandro Gonzalez.

Fran Cazorla in one of his best performances of the season and that he had already taken Aday Alba out of the fight, he did the same with the other two important men of San Bartolomé, giving some golden points that put him on the way to the final.

For its part, Santa Rita needed the victory to avoid being eliminated and they got it, more easily than expected, against Llano del Moro, in a clash where they had gone until 11-4, which already seemed definitive.
after the points of Luis Gutiérrez, Alan Martín, Yeray Suárez and Ernesto Chávez. Outstanding visitor Cristian Hernández knocks down four rivals in a row, 11-8, but he cannot beat Yerover García and they separate, the locals achieving a victory that allows them to continue harboring hopes of reaching the final.

Reign of the Sardina Union

Honoring their status as favourites, Unión Sardina SPAR Gran Canaria won the third category Caja de Canarias Foundation Cup final, teams without outstanding fighters, by 12-8 against Vecinos Unidos Agua de Firgas at the Pigsty of the Molinillos de Ingenio. The clash had two distinct parts. In a first,
those from Vecindario easily went on the scoreboard up to 6-0 which, foreshadowed a very bulky result, as had occurred in the first phase, since Aday Sánchez, Guanaben Vega and José Luis Sánchez could with the first chairs of the Firguenses, although in many of them they had to go to the third grabbed.

The departure of Claudio Amador and Alejandro Santana gave the first points to Carlos Marrero's men, 6-2. From that moment the southerners began to play with the numbers and maintain the advantages in the electronic, despite the attempts of Claudio Amador who continued adding, 8-4.
Orlando Sánchez increased the figure against Manuel González 9-4.

A growth spurt by the northerners tightened the scoreboard, by points from Damián Mesa and Jorge González, 9-6, and that encouraged the fight. Fran Ramos' men were undeterred and aware of their superiority, they left the initiative to their rivals waiting to counter or maintain the hold without too many problems, removing Orlando Sánchez from Claudio Perdomo in the 10-7, eliminated due to warnings, leaving very touched his rivals.
Miguel Álamo practically sentenced by giving both to Damián Mesa11-7, for Echedey Rodríguez and Adriel Marreo to separate in the last hold, making the final 12-8.

Rubén Padrón from the Unión Sardina received the trophy for the Top Tumbler of the competition, the final of which was attended by the Mayor of Firgas, Jaime Hernández.

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