Unicef ​​report says that world's childhood suffers its worst moment of the last 30 years

The organization Unicef has warned on Tuesday that the situation of children in the world is the worst in the last 30 years due to humanitarian crises, increasingly complex, and because the number of countries involved in armed conflicts is the highest in recent decades.

The emergency coordinator of the Spanish committee of Unicef, Lorena Cobas, and the coordinator of the Catalan Unicef, Quima Oliver, have presented the report Humanitarian action for children 2019 of the organization, which in 2018 provided mental health services and psychosocial support to more than 3.1 million children and caregivers. Cobas and Oliver have stressed that for this year 2019 they need 3.9 billion dollars to serve 73 million people, 41 of them children in 59 countries, and have alerted about the tragic situations that childhood goes through in Bangladesh, for the persecution of the Rohingyas, in Sudan, Syria, Congo and Yemen, for armed conflicts. "There are more and more problems to protect children", has warned Quima Oliver, who has highlighted the situation of children in these countries, since "they are the most vulnerable in an emergency situation."

For its part, the organization has proposed, in the report, a road map to assist these children who are at risk, given that it is estimated that it takes 27 years for a country to recover from a crisis humanitarian The action plan for 2019, presented today at a press conference in Geneva, seeks to provide access to drinking water, food, education, and health services for children in these 59 countries, and ensure their safety. The main item of 904 million dollars will go to host communities of Syrian refugees in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Turkey, followed by those headed to Yemen (542.3 million dollars), the Democratic Republic of the Congo (326.1 million dollars), Syria (319.8 million dollars) and South Sudan (179.2 million).

Unicef aims to achieve together with its donors and partners in 2019 objectives such as psychosocial support to 4 million children, basic education for 10.1 million, immunization of 10.3 million against measles or treatment of 4.2 million children with severe acute malnutrition. Also, calculate that more than 34 million children living in situations of conflict and disaster, they lack access to child protection services, to which they consider "fundamental that a considerable and sustained international action takes place".

Regarding the situation of conflict in which Venezuela finds itself, the organization requests 61 million to attend the displaced Venezuelan children due to political instability, the economic crisis and hyperinflation that affects the country, which forces many Venezuelans to seek refuge in neighboring territories.


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