June 17, 2021

Unicef ​​claims protection for children arriving at the US border

Unicef ​​claims protection for children arriving at the US border

Unicef ​​today claimed protection for children who are part of the caravans of migrants seeking to reach the United States, urging them to guarantee their access to asylum processes and preventing them from being separated from their families.

In a statement, the UN agency for Children highlighted the "difficult conditions" faced by these children, who also flee from "violence, extortion, poverty and lack of opportunities" in Central American countries.

"Unicef ​​is deeply concerned for the safety and well-being of more than 1,000 migrant children who are crossing Mexico or waiting at the Tijuana border for their asylum requests to be heard by immigration authorities in the United States," he said. agency.

According to the note, children have "limited access to many essential services" such as nutrition, education and health and are at risk of being exploited and abused during the journey or in the camps along the border.

"A child is first and foremost a child, regardless of their immigration status," Unicef ​​said, urging "all governments to ensure that displaced children have access to asylum procedures in a timely manner, regardless of how they have entered the country. country".

In addition, he urged the countries of the area to "keep families together" and to use "alternatives to the detention" of migrants, remembering that it can be a "traumatic" experience for minors and leaving them in an even more dangerous situation.

"UNICEF is ready to work with all governments in the region to ensure that displaced children have the support and services they need and that their rights are respected," the UN agency said.


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