June 17, 2021

Unicaja can neither with Madrid nor with the playoffs

Unicaja vs Real Madrid.

Unicaja vs Real Madrid.

The Unicaja wanted to beat in the last quarter a Real Madrid that dominated with force a game that ended with the saddest of the endings for the typesetters (90-96), who accused their lack of ambition and did not achieve the goal of entering the playoffs. Jaycee Carroll and his 22 points helped Madrid to another victory on the road.

Real Madrid jumped onto the José María Martín Carpena court with the tranquility of having the first place in the table assured and with the forcefulness that comes from being the leader of the ACB and he represented it with three starting triples thanks to an exuberant Jaycee Carroll and Nicolás Laprovittola.

Those of Pablo Laso they crushed the locals from the outside shot reaching a +12 in the equator of the first section (8-20) and forcing Fotis Katsikaris to request the first time-out thanks to which the typewriter reaction came from the hand of Tim Abromaitis .

The North American took the reins and Unicaja made a 7-0 run until they were 5 points behind the whites, but far from being intimidated, the madridistas went up the lines and Tristan Vukcevic signed the sixth triple of the first section to close the first 10 minutes with a 17-25.

As Madrid unfolded its game, the people of Malaga faded away, They accused the lack of public before a rival of those who like in the capital of the Costa del Sol and the errors were precipitated, so much so that the team took two minutes to score and only an alley-oop by Rubén Guerrero saved the disaster ( 26-39 min 3:00 2Q).

The match got rough, the referees pointed out Rudy Fernández’s unsportsmanlike performance on Darío Brizuela as well as a double technique on the forward, which ended up disqualified and was an oxygen bomb for the Andalusians, who with two consecutive triples -Brizuela and Abromaitis- cut distances with respect to Madrid’s face to rest (39-45).

Axel Bouteille appeared with a triple and served to make it 42-49 as soon as the third round began and thus face Carroll, his triples and his 15 points (44-51 min. 8:00 3Q), but the Malacitanos lacked desire and a bit of luck in the face of the basket because Real Madrid positioned themselves easily with +10 at the equator of the section (51-61).

Laprovittola took center stage and Katsikaris did not find the formula to stop Laso’s strategy and the typesetters remained on the 10-point line below the whites and thus closed the third quarter (61-72).

The Andalusians wanted to fight their place in the playoffs, Francis Alonso signed a triple at 7:00 and gave hope, but it was insufficient because Real Madrid, despite playing at half throttle, imposed a frenetic pace forcing the local bench to slow down indentation (73-84 min 35).

The final measures were a tireless struggle to achieve the impossible, Brizuela, Alonso were worn down to exhaustion and the icing on the cake was Deon Thompson with a triple blocking the whites -three minutes without scoring- and putting the score 86-83 with 2:30 to go and forcing Pablo Laso’s TM, That did not work because Thompson tied the game (86-86).

The locals believed in themselves and they tried – for the first time in the entire match – to get ahead of a Real Madrid perplexed by the Malaga reaction, the defenses took action on the matter and Madrid looked for Carroll, but found Usmam Garuba on the free throw line and the green errors could not avoid the inevitable (90-96).

Data sheet:

90-Unicaja (17 + 22 + 23 + 28): Thompson (16), Brizuela (11) Díaz (2), Waczynski (2) and Guerrero (4) – starting five- Fernández (8), Alonso (9), Thomas (8), Sánchez (0), Abromaitis (15 ), Tamba (0) and Bouteille (15).

96-Real Madrid Basket (25 + 20 + 26 + 25): Tyus (9), Laprovittola (11), Poirier (11), Carroll (22) and Taylor (6) – Causeur (14), Fernández (0), Abalde (9), Vukcevic (3), Alocén (3), Garuba (5) and Llull (3).

Referees: Antonio Conde, Arnau Padrós and Roberto Lucas. They expelled by double technique Rudy Fernández from Real Madrid and Vincent Poirirer; Alberto Díaz with five fouls by Unicaja.


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