Unicaja agrees with the unions the fourth major banking ERE in 2021 with 1,513 layoffs

White smoke. After two strikes and marathon days of negotiation, Unicaja has reached an agreement in principle with the unions to formalize an ERE that will finally affect 1,513 workers, as reported by the representatives of the workforce after the meeting this Friday. The workforce adjustment is the fourth that has occurred in large banks so far this year and occurs after the absorption of Liberbank by the Andalusian entity, agreed 12 months ago but formalized in summer.

One out of every three euros entered by the bank already comes from commissions

One out of every three euros entered by the bank already comes from commissions

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The unions have celebrated that the process is carried out, giving priority to voluntariness, avoiding forced dismissals. The agreed conditions are as follows. For those over 63 years of age, the bank offers 20 days per year worked and a maximum of twelve monthly payments. Between 54 and 62 years, Unicaja proposes the payment of 65% of the gross salary, with a ceiling of 79% of the net salary. In addition, a special contribution agreement with Social Security with a discount on the benefit and unemployment benefit. Between the ages of 50 and 53, the bank guarantees 65% of gross salary with a maximum of seven annuities. For those under 50 years of age, the Andalusian group proposes 40 days per year worked with a limit of 36 annuities, in addition to an additional compensation of 1,500 euros every three years and additional bonuses ranging from 6,000 to 15,000 euros.

The preliminary agreement has been endorsed by 75% of the unions. From CCOO they have explained that they value the conditions “positively” since it “protects” those under 50 years of age, a group on which, as they point out, the process had initially focused. The agreement also contemplates different compensation for worker mobility.

The ERE of Unicaja thus joins the others that have been agreed throughout this year. The largest was CaixaBank, after absorbing Bankia, which resulted in 6,432 layoffs. BBVA laid off 2,935 workers. Sabadell, already this fall, agreed on an ERE for 1,605 workers. Previously, in December of last year, the Catalan bank had already encouraged 1,800 exits, Santander had cut 3,572 workers and Ibercaja laid off 750 employees. In total, 18,000 layoffs announced since December last year.


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