Unesco will study the impact of wind farms on Spanish reserves after neighborhood pressure

Hike through Monte do Gato, against the wind farms.

Hike through Monte do Gato, against the wind farms.

The pressure of neighbors and platforms against wind farms that are processed in territory of the Mariñas Coruñesas e Terras do Mandeo Biosphere Reserve and your request for protection before the Unesco, an entity to which the Trade Union Labrego Galego, have taken effect. And for all of Spain. The scientific council of the Spanish committee of the MaB 2021 Program of the European entity has asked the committee in Spain to prepare a joint report on the impact of wind farm projects and photovoltaic installations to reserves throughout the country. Unesco thus attends to a demand as a result of the parks planned in Monte do Gato, also in A Coruña, in a neighborhood protest that has spread to other projects in the area.

The Secretariat of the Spanish committee of the MaB Program has responded to the request of the Fernández-Armesto and Fernández-Aceytuno and that of the Labrego Galego Union that “the Spanish committee of the MaB Program, at its 22nd ordinary meeting, agreed to entrust the scientific council with a study on the viability of wind, photovoltaic and thermosolar installations, including repowering, and associated infrastructures in territories declared a Biosphere Reserve in Spain ”. Aire Limpo nas Mariñas Mandeo celebrates the response and ensures that the platforms in the area will collaborate, since they are part of the Aliente state platform. It explains that, after the request, Unesco requested explanations from the governing body of reserves in Spain, National Parks, integrated into the Ministry for Ecological Transition, so the report is now requested.

The Labrego Galego Union also greets the "small victory" of Unesco's decision. He trusts that the studies "will not be affected by pressure from the companies involved in the energy production business, but will also take the true well-being and health of citizens as a focus, especially those of rural residents" , defended this Tuesday.

Representatives of various platforms opposed to wind farms in the region met this Tuesday with the president of the As Mariñas Reserve, José Antonio Santiso, and technicians of the entity to ask him to "lead the protection of the territories it covers" and that "Push a institutional and citizen movement that guarantees the generation of energy, but in a way that is respectful and sustainable with the environment, and not as a waste of resources, ”said Aire Limpo nas Mariñas Mandeo. At the meeting there were also representatives of SOS Monte do Gato, Cheerful Association of Oza-Cesuras and a representative for Paderne from the platform Monfero di non. They advanced the presentation of a manifest, which the president promised to transfer to the Board of the Reserve, with councils and associations, the GDR. Representatives of the platforms admit that their demands "They did not have the expected reception" in Santiso, although they agree that he promised to study it.

The Reserve assures that “there is a joint position, the rejection of the proposed wind model ”and limits itself, on the request for support of the manifesto and of an institutional and neighborhood movement, to ensure that it will transfer it. It does announce that it will seek ways to shield the territory for the future. It aims to "explore the way of preparing the territory to avoid this model being considered again" and sees it possible to formulate initiatives through the Next Generation funds. Remember that he presented allegations.


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